Best Songs from Hollywood Undead's Swan Songs

The Top Ten Best Songs from Hollywood Undead's Swan Songs

1 Undead

Best song off the album and also off HU - DarKD3m0N

2 Young

Way better then undead

This song is the best of the history of HU

3 Sell Your Soul

God, the screams in the chorus bring so much power to the song. One of their overall best songs.

Best track on Swan Songs. Better than Undead

4 This Love, This Hate
5 Everywhere I Go
6 City

Do u wanna burn it with me?

7 No. 5

Best party song by hu on this album

8 Paradise Lost
9 Black Dahlia

Story of my life

10 The Diary

The Contenders

11 Pain
12 No Other Place
13 California
14 Circles
15 Bottle and a Gun
16 The Loss
17 The Natives
18 Knife Called Lust
19 Pimpin'
20 Bitches
21 The Kids
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