Best Songs From The Hunger Games Soundtrack

The Top Ten

1 Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift

I love this song! It goes great for many characters.

I love this song, for months if you turned on my laptop this song would blare in your face. I would always have it on. I still do! Don't you dare look out your window, darlin' everything's on fire...

So iconic

Thank you for yet another amazing song

2 Eyes Open - Taylor Swift

Since I heard Eyes Open, I think I'm gonna be a Swiftie. Taylor's voice is totally different, her voice is getting better in this song. Oh my God, I can't stop playing this song since last year. This is the song of Taylor Swift, even in The Hunger Games.

Keep your Eyes Open! This is the best song in the soundtrack. Best of Taylor.

3 Kingdom Come - The Civil Wars
4 Come Away to the Water - Maroon 5

I love maroon5! Who else is a marooner? I know you're out there...

5 Abraham's Daughter - Arcade Fire
6 Just a Game - Birdy

I Love Birdy SOOO Much! But this song represents the movie so well. At least she mad it in the top 10.

7 Rules - Jayme Dee
8 Dark Days - Punch Brothers
9 The Ruler and the Killer - Kid Cudi
10 Run Daddy Run - Miranda Lambert

The Contenders

11 Tomorrow Will Be Kinder - The Secret Sisters
12 Nothing to Remember - Neko Case
13 Lover is Childlike - The Low Anthem
14 Daughter's Lament - The Carolina Chocolate Drops

I love this song so much. It gives me chills. I hate the fact that not many people know about it.

15 Take the Heartland - Glen Hansard
16 One Engine - The Decemberists
17 Rue's Farewell - James Newton Howard
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