Best Songs From Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory and Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns

The Top Ten

1 In the End - Hybrid Theory

Again why would you combine the greatest nu metal album ever made with one of Linkin Parks most disastrous works? A thousand suns is horrible!

Sexy song and super rap by shinoda... Love you lp

This is the best

i tried so hard
and got so far
but in the end
it doesn't even matter

all the songs of hybrid theory should be higer than a 1000 suns songs, in the end n crawling are specially good - jordancow

2 Waiting for the End - A Thousand Suns
3 Crawling - Hybrid Theory

Hybrid Theory should have all ten positions in this list. Honestly, A Thousand Suns has some great songs, but Hybrid Theory is MUCH better.

Best song from Hybrid Theory and should be #1. #2 should be One Step Closer.

4 Papercut - Hybrid Theory

The Best Song on Hybrid Theory & A Thousand Suns ALTOGETHER

5 One Step Closer - Hybrid Theory



6 The Catalyst - A Thousand Suns

How come The Catalyst is not in the top five. And why are With You, One Step Closer and Papercut in a higher position than The Catalyst? The Catalyst is definitely the best song in A Thousand Suns.

7 Burning In the Skies - A Thousand Suns

A Thousand Suns is a much better album than Hybrid Theory, and I feel this is the best song on it. It's mellow, meaningful, and finishes with a great guitar solo.

Please don't be a derp. Burning in the Skies for the win!

8 Iridescent - A Thousand Suns
9 Pushing Me Away - Hybrid Theory
10 With You - Hybrid Theory

The Contenders

11 A Place for My Head - Hybrid Theory

The BEST easily. Pushing me away is close second and One Step Closer third.

How come this song not in top 10 at least? - Paree

12 By Myself - Hybrid Theory
13 Points of Authority - Hybrid Theory
14 Forgotten - Hybrid Theory
15 When They Come for Me - A Thousand Suns
16 Runaway - Hybrid Theory

Underrated - wriddhak

17 Blackout - A Thousand Suns
18 Wretches and Kings - A Thousand Suns
19 Robot Boy - A Thousand Suns
20 My December - Hybrid Theory

This is so good! Top ten! How is this not on the list? - goldiekitty2

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