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21 Rich N***** Rich N*****

This is one of the best songs off J Cole's New Album this shows how people are oppressed and still find their own path through their struggles because of dedication and hard work. Or about how people want to take the easy way to fame but don't know what it really takes to become successful "how much for your soul" You can even take into account saying "You got what I want I got what you need" that industry heads need a new artist and he knows it and that some people are willing to give up everything to become famous hence the next line "how much for your soul". There are multiple areas to touch on in this Cole song besides just the chorus. Listen to this Man.

One of the deepest rap songs I've ever heard. So much self-reflection as opposed to the self-glorification that normally comes out of the industry. A breath of the freshest air.

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! The beat w/ harp sample is probably the best beat I've ever heard in a song. J. Cole just absolutely kills it. I can listen to this any day and the only other song in my book that matches the awesomeness of this song is Fragile by Tech N9ne.

It's a real shame,this songs deserves so much more, one of the few to make me realize what the industry of entertainment can really mean

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22 Breakdown Breakdown

This is one of cole's deepest songs and the way he progresses through the story shows his true talent. He's also said it's one of his most personal songs but it's still relatable for anyone.

One of cole's best and deepest songs on a studio album

Unconditionally one of the dopest J. Cole'songs. He made a markable writing where everyone can see this guy as a talented one.

23 Can't Get Enough

* Amazing hook
* Superb music
* Awesome delivery
* Great lyrics

Cole goes hard on this song. It's a great song to listen to, especially in car. It's one of my favorite J Cole songs. It's not his best song, but it deserves to be in the Top Ten!

I bet the music is real good... J cole is good enough but with trey its really fantastic... Love the beats and the beach...

This Track Is Just Dope Yo! The Beat! Lyrics! And it even has Trey Songz who nailed the hook

Should be way higher, straight jam.

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24 Sideline Story Sideline Story

This song is what got me to love j cole and all his music

Great song. Their a reason the album had it's name, it was because of this song. Shoulda been higher

J Cole's most underrated song. Should've been top 3 along with 2face and Premeditated Murder.

Easily should be #1. His debut album is named because of this come on! The emotions, rhythm, word placement, spacing, energy, delivery,execution, and content are all there. This song is the real. Jermaine's vocals and talent are god gifted. Should be #1

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25 2Face

This song deserves top 5 come on. I mean verse 3 one of the best cole verses

I think that this is one of Cole's top three
Songs. I think it's the best off of Friday night lights. Great beat, lyrics, and just sounds raw.

#24? come on. This list is messed up. Should be #4

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26 Pass Me By
27 In the Morning In the Morning V 3 Comments
28 The Badness

"believe in God like the sun up in the sky!

Science can tell us how how but they can't tell us why

I seen a baby cry then seconds later she laughed, the beauty of life-

The pain never lasts"

Come on this should be top 5

One of coles best songs for sure top 20 maybe not 10

29 Losing My Balance

Great, meaningful song. Can tell it comes straight from the heart

30 Love Yourz

This song should be higher. J.Cole's lyrics move me, he talks about how materialistic possessions don't make your life better, quite a contrast to what all the other rappers are doing these days, talking about how they got money and women coming out of their pockets. This is one of the realest songs I have ever heard from one of the most realest artists I have ever come across. J.Cole really knows how to use absolute honesty to move an audience. Keep it up Jermaine

Deep song showing you don't need materialistic things to enjoy life all you gotta do is "love yourz"

This song is incredible. Definitely one of the best J. Cole songs of all time because of his deeper meaning and incredible soothing beat. - BicBoi

This song should be way higher in my opinion, purely for it's positive message.

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31 Dollar and a Dream III Dollar and a Dream III

You gotta give props to someone who samples a KINGDOM HEARTS song - Mcgillacuddy

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32 Hello Hello V 1 Comment
33 Apparently

This song has good lyrics. I said it. That's all it has and you can't have a good song with good lyrics and an awful beat. This song deserves its spot stop whining down here at number 36.

Best song by the best currently, and one of the top three of all time. He's up there with Eminem and Tupac.

Yo, how is this not 1? This is an incredible song. Cole's second verse on this for me is one of the greatest verses of all time.

His best song off his best album

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34 Fire Squad

Such a great song. Beat goes hard and is straight up fire.

This has to be at least in the top 30.He was fire in this song.

This track is fire! One of my favourite songs of 2014

Why is this ranked 45?

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35 Too Deep for the Intro

What? This Is Like #2 Easily. Very Disappointed That Its 37th.

How is this # 34? Its honestly the most touching song he's ever written

Just like the title it was definitely too deep...

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36 St. Tropez St. Tropez V 1 Comment
37 Chaining Game

This track showcases one of Cole's most mellow, yet hardest beats. Though, if you mix the mellowness of the beat with the intensity of Cole's rhymes, you get the perfect song.

38 Premeditated Murder Premeditated Murder

I had a old school whip and this is all I played in it. His flow is too smooth. This song truely shows the difference between him and Drake. And he destroys drake

The hook on this one on its own deserves for the tune to be higher

Unbelievable how this isn't Top 10

39 Dolla and a Dream V 1 Comment
40 G.O.M.D.

Should be top 5 how can you put this 42nd?! Proper fire cole goes in 2014 forest hills is his magnum opus for sure

Maybe not the best but certainly better than 45. Top 20 definitely.

This song should be a candidate for #1. How is it ranked 44th?

His best hook for sure

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