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61 Wet Dreams

This song can be related to anyone during high school

61 for this song is a crime - Supertens

Favorite song from his new album!
Relatable 10/10!
Story telling 9/10
Beat 8/10

62 Immortal

Great song and beat

Its Good

63 Never Told

A killing bit of self analysis.

64 Can I Holla at Ya

Beyond amazing, the guitar track is what Meeks this one of the most deep and beautiful songs I've ever heard. Cole spits a simple story, but it'll hit you hard no matter what.

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65 Killers

Straight fire through and through, one of the best storytelling tracks of all time, not enough people know about it.

Number 5. Deepest, Most sickest track. Just hits you straight away

This is one of the deepest lyrical songs by J. Cole. He goes deep into the heart telling the story. This accorfing to me should have been on an album and deserves to be at top 10.

66 Sparks Will Fly V 1 Comment
67 It Won't Be Long
68 Home for the Holidays

Possibly the most slept on Cole song. Used to bump this in my car driving around my hometown every trip

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69 Grew Up Fast

I love this song. The sample is great and he did work

I love you the bast

70 Foldin Clothes
71 Change

The greatest song off of 4 Your Eyez Only in my opinion. J Cole really did something great with this track. - LabelGod

Straight word smithing. Best song on the album.

I get mad when I ask people what their favourite j cole song is and they say either "no role modelz, wet dreamz or de ja vu" come on, this is the best song off 4yeo and definitely deserves to be top 10. the lyrics are unbelievably deep

72 Everybody Dies

The beat, the lyrics, the flow, oh man. Best rapper right now, and already a G.O.A.T. Wouldn't have fit on 4 Your Eyez Only but damn that would've been awesome.

Coles best song to date,it's a diss track aimed to anybody with a half arsed low key attitude to rap.Honestly though the wordplay and flow of this tune is top ten of the year material not tryna give bad credit to the beat though which is fire too.its got no concept other than to be a diss track,but if it where to have a theme it's a diss to the fakery and shallowness of the industry right now.

73 False Prophets

Three verses of the ugly truth about modern mainstream celebrity artists. Though a mellow beat, but Cole made sure he treated our ears right with this single. Real dope!

How is this song so low? Disappointing

74 January 28th

Incredibly deep and lyrical

This is beyond being too low

Best song on 2014 forrest hill

WAAAYY too low

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75 Lil Ghetto N****

How is this not higher on the list?

76 Is She Gon Pop

One of my favorites on Born Sinner

One of his toughest songs

77 Love Me Not
78 I'm On It
79 Visionz of Home

Visionz of home is just pure genius. The lyrics I swear builds you up to take on the world. In my opinion this song should easily fall in his top ten, not down grading any of his songs but this one is a truw classic.

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80 Get Free
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