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101 I'm a Fool
102 New York Times

Honestly my favorite song by cole, should be way higher

103 Ladies
104 Crunch Time

Cole talks about how some men would rather take the easy road and just hustle their entire life. They worry so much about the money they make rather than being successful they don't even worry about jail. They forget about their dreams and just focus on drugs. Deep.

THE BEAT, THE VERSE, THE TOPIC! How can you not say cole is the realest with this song

105 Rise Above
106 Split You Up

One of my favorite, it just puts me in a great mood every time!

107 Back to the Topic

Awesome freestyle,no radio hit but the bravado of hip hop is included while cole manages to fuse poetry and they edgy street talk#dope

Seriously? I had to put this on the list this song has a great combination of lyrics, metaphors, and production. j cole kills it here. best song, no doubt, just listen to it.

108 Tears for ODB

Bro has no one hear de this song before. Honestly super underrated and as a do hard cole fan this is for sure one of his bests songs

This should be in the top ten! This is poetry ! ♥♥♥

109 Dead Presidents II

"ahead of my time like I live my whole life backwards" that's cole flexing his lyrical prowess

110 See It to Believe It

Easily one of his best

111 The Plan
112 Revenge of the Dreamers

This song hits home. people always try to tear me down, being successful is my revenge

113 Enchanted
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