Best Songs From Jars of Clay's The Long Fall Back to Earth

The 2009 album by Jars of Clay. These are the best songs.

The Top Ten

1 Weapons
2 Heart

This song Is completely underrated, not even a single. In my opinion one of the greatest songs of all time

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3 Two Hands

The albums lead single. Great song

4 Don't Stop

A really fun catchy song

5 Scenic Route

Really good song. Love the mandolin

6 Boys (Lesson One)

A really beautiful song that is both happy and sad at the same time

7 The Long Fall

Although considered two separate songs, the long fall serves as an intro to the 'good monsters' sounding weapons. And a really good one at that

8 Heaven

A really cool 80's sounding rock song. Love the submarine at the end

9 Headphones

Nice beautiful song. Great lyrics, too

10 Closer

The long falls other single, with really creative lyrics. "I want your kite strings tangled it my tree all wrapped up". Great line

The Contenders

11 Hero

A really unique, yet really catch rock song

12 There Might Be a Light
13 Forgive Me
14 Safe to Land
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