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21 Going Inside

A gem of a song

So underrated. Definitely must be higher

Why has no one commented this one yet? Great song love the beginning

22 Ramparts

This song is a beautiful shimmery little slice of perfection. I just wish it was longer.

Short, but nearly perfect song
gets even better every time you hear it

23 Away & Anywhere
24 Time Runs Out
25 Dark/Light

Song is amazing. I think it is cool because John Frusciante plays a custom 6-string bass on this song.

8 minutes and 31 seconds of John Frusciante. Purely beautiful song. What else needs to be said about it? Incredible song.

Repetitive, but the bassline (courtesy of Flea), choir, electronic elements, and awesome funky guitar at the end really make this song a quick and enjoyable 8.5 minutes. But hey, I'm a sucker for the John/Flea relationship

Amazing Song! The way the riffs change is unbelievable. 3 songs in one

26 My Smile is a Rifle

Beautiful yet raw Frusciante. It's amazing how he sings and plays his situation post-1994. This song, Mascara, and "Untitled #12" really give send out a message like he's screaming for help. This man can do it all.

In terms of pure emotional output, this gem can't be overlooked. The haunting guitar plus the real vocals put it over the top for me.

Simply incredible in its raw simplicity. - JasonMts

Definitely higher then 55th. Totally different genre then anything off of his later albums. Niandra ladies gets way too much hate in my opinion

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27 Outside Space

Something that you will never get bored to listening.

Listen to high. Puts you in another place.

28 A Firm Kick
29 with no one

It touches me in a way that words can't really do any good to describe. The most beautiful sounds and vibrations I've felt in my life.

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30 Before the Beginning

John has a decent voice. But his real voice is the voice of his guitar. This song is all about John storytelling using the guitar.

It is the story about how all things came to life in a non religious way.

One of the most beautiful guitars I ever heard.

31 So Would've I

Simply a masterpiece

32 Wednesday's Song
33 Fallout
34 Your P***y's Glued to a Building on Fire

Just amazing. The last few seconds are just beautiful, John is a genius and Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T shirt proves this the most. This is my favourite from him, along with My Smile is a Rifle, Running away into you, Big Takeover and Head(Beach Arab)

35 In Your Eyes

Prog-Synth heavy, and a bit trippy, but romantic and uplifting.

36 The Days Have Turned
37 Far Away
38 Loss
39 Time Goes Back

John lays down some good progressions and epic overdubs while jesus sings harmony in the background and

40 Mistakes
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