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41 Invisible Movement
42 In Relief
43 Untitled #2
44 Fanfare V 1 Comment
45 Time Tonight

This and scratches are his most beautiful.

V 1 Comment
46 Enter a Uh

Pure emotion. This shows when John was going through a deep struggle but still could produce beautiful music. One of the greatest songs I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Thank you John.

47 Repeating
48 Regret

My favorite of Frusciante's music!

49 Emptiness
50 I'm Around

So much emotion it's almost overwhelming. Such an incredible song, and the lyrics are beautiful

Love the classic frusciante background harmony and minimalist guitar playing.

51 Cut - Out

A personal favorite from shadows collide with people. Just beautiful

52 Height Down

You can feel the pure emotion of these best friends resonate through every bone in your awakened body.
Simple yet brilliant melody with soulful lyrics.

53 Goals

Maybe not John's greatest, a but deserves Top 10. Simple chords, but beautiful melody and lyrics.

54 Hope

Despite being very short, this is a song if I die listening to this, I would be smiling.

55 Second Walk
56 Been Insane
57 Of Before

The demo version is unbelievable

58 A Name
59 Your Warning

Best song on curtains for me

60 Control
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