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61 Been Insane
62 Mascara

Best song along with my smile is a rifle -

63 A Name
64 God

This is one of his best tunes, should be in the top 10!

Should be top 10. But too short! Wish it was as long as Central

65 Smile From the Streets You Hold

This is a really nice song pure emotion and it comes from his heart

66 Your Warning

Best song on curtains for me

67 Lever Pulled

Another great song from Curtains.

INCREDIBLE EMOTIONAL SONG! Come on gotta be higher up.

68 As Can Be

Listen and you will see that this is one of the best John Frusciante songs!

69 Walls and Doors

So intense, listen to the synth solo, incredible!

70 I May Again Know John
71 Untitled #3

One of his bests

72 A Doubt

Great song. Should be top ten

73 Chances

In the multidimensional scheme, you'll know what I mean.

74 Ratiug V 1 Comment
75 A Loop
76 An Exercise

Awesome song

77 Scratch
78 666
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