Best Songs On Judas Priest's Defenders of the Faith


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1 The Sentinel

No words to describe this song...
Its made of pure energy not instruments and vocals
Judas Priest is the best heavy metal band in the world!

1- The Sentinel
2- Freewheel Burning
3- Rock Hard Ride Free
4- Jawbreaker
5- Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
6- Night Comes Down
7- Eat Me Alive
8- Love Bites
9- Heavy Duty/Defenders Of The Faith

Also my favourite Priest song.

1. The Sentinel
2. Jawbreaker
3. Freewheel Burning
4. Rock Hard Ride Free
5. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
6. Love Bites
7. Eat Me Alive
8. Night Comes Down
9. Heavy Duty/Defenders of the Faith
10. Turn On Your Lights - BekoT.

2 Freewheel Burning
3 Jawbreaker
4 Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
5 Rock Hard Ride Free
6 Eat Me Alive
7 Love Bites
8 Night Comes Down
9 Defenders of the Faith
10 Heavy Duty

The Contenders

11 Turn On Your Light

The Sentinel is my favorite, but this song needs some votes too.

What the hell?! This song was beautiful and ausome better than eat me alive love bites and heavy duty/ defenders of faith anyways

This wasn't even on the actual album (it's a bonus track) so even if it was actually as good as you're saying (which it isn't) it shouldn't make it on this list in the first place, much less the top ten - dubsinthetubs

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1. The Sentinel
2. Freewheel Burning
3. Jawbreaker
1. The Sentinel
2. Freewheel Burning
3. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
1. Heavy Duty
2. Love Bites
3. The Sentinel

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