Best Songs On Judas Priest's Nostradamus


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1 Nostradamus

Horror band nightcrawler and hell rider and nostradamus

Horror song. I think judas priest is the god of metal. judas druming system is very speed like a gun

Nostradamus is the epic and war album.i think it is the best epic album. Please guys lisen it. You feel that you are fighting with sword.judas priest is the god of earth

1- Nostradamus
2- Alone
3- Death
4- Future Of Mankind
5- Visions
6- Conquest
7- Prophecy
8- Exiled
9- Revelations
10- Pestilence And Plague
11- War
12- Lost Love
13- Persecution
14- New Beginnings
15- Peace
16- Hope
17- Dawn Of Creations
18- Calm Before The Storm
19- The Fpur Horsemen
20- Sands Of Time
21- Solitude
22- Shadows In The Flame
23- Awakening

2 Prophecy
3 Future of Mankind
4 Persecution

This is an awesome song. Has a great medieval feel to it. - IronSabbathPriest

5 War

Listen this song you will forget all song

This song is abnormal. Whenever I am lisenting this I close my and I sense that the war is happeing in front of imagination. judas priest is the metal god and he is the god

6 Death
7 Conquest
8 Pestilence and Plague
9 Revelations
10 Visions

The Contenders

11 Exiled
12 New Beginnings
13 Dawn of Creation
14 Awakening
15 Alone

The best song from Nostradamus.

Epic song! So unterrated...

16 The Four Horsemen
17 Lost Love
18 Sands of Time
19 Peace
20 Hope
21 Shadows in the Flame
22 Solitude
23 Calm Before the Storm
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