Best Songs On Judas Priest's Ram It Down


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1 Ram It Down UListen to Sample
2 Blood Red Skies

I still don't know why the band chose Monsters Of Rock to end the album when this song can perfectly be the greatest closer album of all time

1- Blood Red Skies
2- Ram It Down
3- Heavy Metal
4- Johnny B Goode
5- Hard As Iron
6- I Am Rocker
7- Come And Get It
8- Monsters Of Rock
9- Love You To Death
10- Love Zone

UListen to Sample
3 Heavy Metal UListen to Sample
4 Hard as Iron UListen to Sample
5 Johnny B. Goode UListen to Sample
6 Monsters of Rock UListen to Sample
7 I'm a Rocker UListen to Sample
8 Love Zone UListen to Sample
9 Come and Get It UListen to Sample
10 Love You to Death UListen to Sample
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1. Ram It Down
2. Blood Red Skies
3. Hard as Iron
1. Ram It Down
2. Johnny B. Goode
3. Heavy Metal
1. Blood Red Skies
2. Heavy Metal
3. Ram It Down

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