Best Songs On Judas Priest's Rocka Rolla

The Top Ten

1 Run of the Mill Run of the Mill Cover Art

Why the hell is winter number 1? is not bad but... 1? Seriously?

The most underrated song of all time.

1- Run Of The Mill
2- Rocka Rolla
3- One For The Road
4- Dying To Meet You
5- Cheater
6- Never Satisfied
7- Winter Retreat
8- Caviar And Meths
9- Deep Freeze
10- Winter

WINTER IS 1! That is only 1 minutes long this 8 minute masterpiece can defintley beat it

2 Rocka Rolla Rocka Rolla Cover Art
3 One for the Road One for the Road Cover Art
4 Winter Winter Cover Art
5 Cheater Cheater Cover Art
6 Dying to Meet You / Hero, Hero
7 Never Satisfied
8 Diamonds & Rust Diamonds & Rust Cover Art

There is a 1975 version of this song - christangrant

9 Winter Retreat
10 Deep Freeze

The Contenders

11 Caviar and Meths
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