Best Songs From Kanye West's The College Dropout

Best songs from The College Dropout album by Kanye West.

The Top Ten

1 Jesus Walks Jesus Walks

One of his greatest


2 All Falls Down All Falls Down

My favorite song ever. Period

This is such a classic and so good! Never gets old unlike Jesus walks

It sounds like a classic.

Classy classic.

3 Through the Wire Through the Wire

Best sample Kanye has ever used ever. The bassline, his verses, the chorus, everything about this song is perfect.

4 Family Business
5 We Don't Care

This the song that made me immediately fall in love with the album


6 Two Words
7 Slow Jamz
8 Spaceship

Very underrated

9 Never Let Me Down

All of them go HAM here, Jay's last verse gets hate but it's actually great

The lyrics are so damn deep. Every time I listen to Kanye's and J. Ivy's verse I get chills. Best song from Kanye in my opinion. Perhaps even all of rap.

10 The New Workout Plan

Perfect mix of comedy and rap :) SO CATCHY

The Contenders

11 Last Call

Easily his most lyrical song by most definitions, as it has a great story and strong bars

12 Get Em High
13 School Spirit

It isn't near the best song but it most closely relates to the theme of the album so it at leasts deserves a mention

14 Intro
15 Breathe in Breathe Out
16 I'll Fly Away
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1. Jesus Walks
2. Through the Wire
3. Spaceship
1. Jesus Walks
2. All Falls Down
3. Through the Wire
1. Jesus Walks
2. Two Words
3. All Falls Down

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