Best Songs From Kanye West's The Late Registration

Best songs from the Late Registration album by Kanye West.

The Top Ten Best Songs From Kanye West's The Late Registration

1 Diamonds From Sierra Leone

The kanye bonus track is better, but still good

2 Touch the Sky
3 Heard 'em Say

The piano is beautiful and the song is bright

Just a beautiful track

4 Gold Digger

Gold Digger 10th place really? Am I the only who thinks this should be in the top three at least? I mean it is known as one of his greatest singles of all time - mike10green


5 Hey Mama

He tributed a song to his mother before he even lost her, that’s how much he knew he loved her.. beautiful song

6 Roses
7 Drive Slow
8 Gone

Kanye's second verse. Need I say more?

9 Crack Music

The rhythm is sick and the lyrics are very well-written - Mcgillacuddy

Really good sick with a meaning behind it, underrated

The best track by miles.

10 Addiction

The Contenders

11 Bring Me Down
12 We Major
13 We Can Make It Better
14 Late
15 Celebration
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