Best Songs From Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted


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1 My Life Would Suck Without You

A great hit from this fourth album, a top song of 2009 - MatrixGuy

This is one of her best songs. - TheFourthWorld

I love that song, Kelly totally rocks on this one <3.

2 Already Gone

There are few artists and songs that make an impact. This song attempts to send a message about how complicated relationships can be. Only some of us can truly understand that about love. Sometimes the best relationships just can't happen for whatever the reason and deep down we know it can never last. It's a brave soul who knows how to let go before it tears them apart. Every relationship is different but if you really love someone, you can learn to let go of them because when it's real love, you think about the other person more than yourself.

"We were always meant to say good-bye.. I didn't want us to burn out"--it's better to let it go while there is still a fire, when you let it burn out, you ruin what you had together. Some people believe it's better to keep love light and not be together full time because it just never lasts forever. I don't believe that, but I meet people who do and they won't committ because they are afraid it will fade away. I guess I can understand ...more

This is such a great song! I'm usually in agreement with the artist's choice should come first and foremost, but in this song's case, I'm glad it was released as a single despite Kelly's objection to it. - theOpinionatedOne


3 All I Ever Wanted

Such an amazing, rocky song which really shows of Kellys' amazing vocals

Almost broked in to piecemy head is crack

4 Cry
5 I Do Not Hook Up
6 Save You
7 The Day We Fell Apart
8 Don't Let Me Stop You
9 If I Can't Have You
10 Whyyawannabringmedown

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11 Tip of My Tongue
12 If No One Will Listen
13 Long Shot
14 Ready
15 Impossible
16 I Want You
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1. Already Gone
2. My Life Would Suck Without You
3. If I Can't Have You
1. My Life Would Suck Without You
2. Already Gone
3. All I Ever Wanted
1. Already Gone
2. All I Ever Wanted
3. Cry

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