Best Songs From Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway

The 2nd and maybe the best album of Kelly Clarkson released in 2004.

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1 Since U Been Gone

A Spirited Pop Song by The 2002 American Idol Winner - MatrixGuy

This song rocks! I sing it every time,but my brother sings this song awful. He thinks this sounds like Let It Go from Frozen,but I don’t think it sounds like it, I love this song and Let It Go from Frozen, but he sings this by mixing it with Let It Go. But then,He asks me:Oh,I’m pretty sure this sounds like Let It Go from Frozen. And I said,No,not really,Let It Go is more emotional & powerful, which everyone can cry & sing to,Since U Been Gone is more like fun song to make your day better. He’s keep saying this sounds like Let It Go. I said:eh...not really.

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2 Behind These Hazel Eyes UListen to Sample
3 Because of You

It's a very nice song. - TheFourthWorld

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4 Breakaway

The single was certified gold by RIAA and has sold over 1,413,000 copies in all formats in the US - MatrixGuy

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5 Addicted UListen to Sample
6 Walk Away

I want a man by my side not a boy who runs and hides

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7 Gone

I love this song! - TheFourthWorld

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8 Beautiful Disaster UListen to Sample
9 You Found Me UListen to Sample
10 I Hate Myself for Losing You

It is so amazing.

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11 Where is Your Heart

I've never heard of this song but it's probably super awesome and amazing

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12 Hear Me UListen to Sample
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1. Breakaway
2. Behind These Hazel Eyes
3. Gone
1. Since U Been Gone
2. Behind These Hazel Eyes
3. Because of You
1. Breakaway
2. Since U Been Gone
3. Behind These Hazel Eyes

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