Best Songs From Korn's Debut Album

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1 Blind

Letmme see all songs are good but daddy I always skip it cause its disturbing at least jon davis moved on

2 Clown

Once the song starts its awesome but that talking in the beginning is unnecessary. No one wants to listen to the lets do it dammit crap - Sabbath

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3 Ball Tongue

This is an amazing song so much rage and emotion in the song, I love every song on this record but this is my favorite

4 Daddy

I love that scene when JD cry... Exciting

I can relate to this song, and to all females without care for others' feelings can get tied up, raped AND murdered!

I wish this song never existed and messed up this song is sad and stupid and scary I listen to it I shook to death why would anyone write a song like this it's so wrong

5 Faget

How is this song ranked 8? Especially considering there's only 12 tracks on the album! This song should be 8 best KoRn song period! It's heavy, it has great lyrics, it puts you in a weird type of mood (it's just plain creepy) and it's everything that makes KoRn awesome. Seriously, this song is 2nd best in my opinion from this album (behind of course Blind)

6 Shoots and Ladders

Best intro in any song ever... Ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies, ashes ashes, we all fall dowown!

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8 Need To

Okay, this song probably isn't #1, but what's wrong with everyone! This definitely deserves top 5! Jonathan screams his lungs out on the "why"s and the guitars and bass are slamming! It is one of the most emotional and heavy songs on the album and it deserves some votes.

9 Helmet in the Bush

Awesome and underrated song from them.

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10 Divine

One of the best songs from the album

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11 Fake

This is my favorite korn song amazing guitar and everything else on this album is good

Last place? This is heaviest song from this album with Shoots and Ladders!

LAST PLACE?! That is clear 1-5 place!

Why is this song so underatted?! I listen this songs every day

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