Best Songs From Korn's Follow the Leader

The Top Ten

1 Freak on a Leash

Obviously this is the best from this album. All the other songs are great, but this is obviously the best

Best korn song period

This is the most overrated korn song ever! There are sooo many better korn songs than this!

1- Freak on a Leash
2- Got the Life
3- Dead Bodies Everywhere
4- B.B.K.
5- It's On
6- My Gift To You
7- Children of the Korn
8- All In The Family
9- Seed
10- Reclaim My Place
11- Justin
12- Pretty
13- Earache My Eye
14- Cameltosis

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2 Got the Life

The only part wrong with this song is "get your boogie on" hah - sealion

Absolute favourite song by KoRn. The music video is awesome, the JD's vocals are on point and the instruments completely compliment this song. Great chorus with good meaning.

3 Dead Bodies Everywhere

Creepy but that's why we like it

This song is amazing
I've a sick mom
With a f***** dad
5 bbk
4 seed
3 dead bodies everywhere
2 got the life
1 freak on a leash
Should be like this

4 B.B.K.
5 Seed

So catchy this album rocks but I hate the rap songs and earache my eye they suck

I love this song. Firm me the best Korn song EVER

Underrated and ausome korn is the best ( and one of the few) nu metal bands
My list goes
14. Earache My Eye
13. Cameltosis
12. All In The Family
11. Children Of The KoRn
10. Justin
9. BBK
8. Reclaim My Place
7. Pretty
6. Its On
5. My Gift To You
4. Freak On A Leash
3. Dead Bodies Everywhere
2. Seed
1. Got The Life

6 Pretty
7 It's On!
8 Reclaim My Place


9 My Gift to You

Deep lyrics, heavy guitars, awesome bagpipes. Very emotional song.

10 Justin

This shouldn't be all the way down at 11. Has an amazingly catchy riff at the beginning and most importantly is in homage to a young fan named Justin whose last death wish was to see his favorite band Korn.

Not the best, but third after Freak on a Leash and Got the Life


The Contenders

11 Children of the Korn

Should be higher, love the guitar work on it.

12 All In the Family

This song should be in the top three,why is it last? - UltimateHybridX

13 Cameltosis
14 Earache Me Eye
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