Best Songs from Korn's Issues

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1 Falling Away from Me Falling Away from Me

So on the top 10 KoRn songs list this is 2nd and Make me Bad is nowhere near as high as that so how is this not the best on the album?

My favorite Korn Song
5 Trash
4 Hey Daddy
3 Make me Bad
2 Somebody someone
1 Falling Away from me

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2 Make Me Bad Make Me Bad

Falling away from me is great too but there's something about Make Me Bad that I really love, the chorus is brilliant and it's an overall great song - EvilAngel

I had to choose between this song and Somebody Someone... So I chose this song! 96Rock needs to play this song a lot more like they used to play KoRn back then.

Trash and Make Me Bad are the best for me. But this song has the best chorus ever

3 Trash Trash

Used to dedicate this to the stocker chicks

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4 Somebody Someone Somebody Someone

Why is trash higher seriously at least #3

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5 Hey Daddy Hey Daddy

Why is this song all the way down here? The epic creepy entrance and the overall song kills

6 Beg for Me Beg for Me
7 Dead Dead
8 Wake Up Wake Up V 2 Comments
9 Let's Get This Party Started Let's Get This Party Started

Very underrated, it's the 2nd best after Falling Away from me.

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10 Counting Counting

This song sounds so raw and heavy, better than falling away from me and make me bad.

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11 4U 4U
12 Dirty Dirty

Better than Hey Daddy, beg for me and somebody someone

13 It's Gonna Go Away It's Gonna Go Away
14 No Way No Way

I love that singing, bass and this song makes me cry... awesome... Must be higher (5-10)

15 Am I Going Crazy Am I Going Crazy
16 Wish You Could Be Me Wish You Could Be Me
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1. Falling Away from Me
2. Somebody Someone
3. Make Me Bad
1. Hey Daddy
2. Dead
3. Wake Up
1. Somebody Someone
2. Falling Away from Me
3. Make Me Bad

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