Best Songs From Korn's Life Is Peachy

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1 Good God

Probably the only song from this album I liked.. maybe your thinking I'm not a fan of Korns old stuff, but their first album is one of their favorites, followed by take a look in the mirror and untitled.

Fieldy in the song is GOD! GOOD GOD

1. Good God (one of my favourite Korn songs ever... great song to drive to! )
2. No Place to Hide
3. Swallow
4. Chi
5. Mr. Rogers
6. A.D.I.D.A.S
7. Kunts
8. Ass Itch
9. Lost
10. Twist
11. Kill You (really think it's overrated)
12. Porno Creep
13. Wicked (it would have been even worse without Chino)
14. Lowrider (pointless)

2 A.D.I.D.A.S.

This album wasn't their best, but this is the best song on it. - Verderame

1- A.D.I.D.A.S.
2- Good God
3- Ass Itch
4- Kill You
5- No Place To Hide
6- Chi
7- Lost
8- Swallow
9- Mr Rogers
10- Twist
11- Wicked
12- K@#Ø%!
13- Porno Creep
14- Lowrider

3 Ass Itch

Funny title what korn

4 Chi

Good old song... the little son of the "Chi" is "Lost" song :D

I love this song
Top 5 from this album
5 Twist
4 Chi
3 Mr Rogers
2 Good God
1 Kill You


5 Kill You

In my opinion good god and chi is the only good songs on this album this is alright jonathan davis sings about his evil stepmother he had a hard life but kunts and adidas sucks

6 Twist

I laugh every time at the beggining

7 Swallow
8 No Place to Hide
9 Wicked

I nearly piss my pants because this is a cover of ice t ( which I hate rap ) and how jonathan sung it I just couldn't stop laughing

10 Lost

How is kunts and adidas even good

The Contenders

11 Mr. Rogers
12 Porno Creep

Porno creep was very jazzy, far better than ADIDAS - sealion

Nice Song :D

13 K@#Ø%!
14 Lowrider
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1. Good God
2. Mr. Rogers
3. A.D.I.D.A.S.
1. Ass Itch
2. Good God
3. Lost
1. A.D.I.D.A.S.
2. Good God
3. Wicked

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