Best Songs from Korn's Untouchables

The Top Ten

1 Thoughtless

This is one amazing song one of the many things I love about korn is they talk about being bullied in there songs and they put emotion into every song

2 Here to Stay

1- Here to Stay
2- Thoughtless
3- Alone I Break
4- Hollow Life
5- Bottled Up Inside
6- Embrace
7- No One's There
8- Beat It Upright
9- Wake Up Hate
10- Hating
11- Make Believe
12- One More Time
13- Blame
14- I'm Hiding

3 Alone I Break

Good song and underrated album

4 Blame
5 Hollow Life
6 No One's There

WHAT?! No One's There and One More Time it last? Something's wrong

Should be number 3

7 I'm Hiding
8 Embrace
9 Beat It Upright
10 Hating

This should be under thoughtless you've got to listen to it more you'll love it

The Contenders

11 Bottled Up Inside
12 One More Time
13 Wake Up Hate
14 Make Believe
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