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21 Ghost In the Mist
22 Falling Again

I can't believe this song isn't even on top 5.
This is the best song by Lacuna Coil

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23 One Cold Day

A song with just Cristina and without awful Andrea - fantastic result! Standout track of the album by far.

24 The Ghost Woman and the Hunter

By far the best song of Lacuna Coil. Such deep and beautiful vocals...

25 Unspoken

Beautiful melody

26 Fire

Such a kick butt song and so underrated

27 I Like It
28 I Don't Believe in Tomorrow
29 I Won't Tell You
30 Wide Awake

Great song!

31 Falling

Falling is the best song Lacuna Coil ever made.
It's so sad, powerful and beautiful...
A masterpiece.

32 To Live is to Hide
33 The Last Goodbye
34 I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)

This songs speaks to me. I have this on constant repeat. Can't believe it is 99 on this list. Deserves to be much higher.

35 Losing My Religion

What a cover... Awesome m/ should be number one even though it's a cover

That's aweful, it should be in the lead -_-

36 I'm Not Afraid
37 Senzafine
38 Stars

How is this song not even on the list till now. Talk about a power Ballad. If you for some reason have not heard this song do me a favor meditate then listen, clear you head and listen. This song's lyrics are powerful.

39 Cold Heritage

This is the best of Lacuna Coil

40 Heir of a Dying Day
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