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21 I Like It
22 Falling Falling

Falling is the best song Lacuna Coil ever made.
It's so sad, powerful and beautiful...
A masterpiece.

23 I Won't Tell You I Won't Tell You
24 Unspoken Unspoken

Beautiful melody

25 Fire Fire

Such a kick butt song and so underrated

26 I Don't Believe In Tomorrow I Don't Believe In Tomorrow
27 Losing My Religion Losing My Religion

What a cover... Awesome m/ should be number one even though it's a cover

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28 The Last Goodbye The Last Goodbye
29 To Live is to Hide To Live is to Hide
30 I'm Not Afraid I'm Not Afraid
31 Senzafine Senzafine
32 My Wings My Wings
33 Fragile Fragile V 1 Comment
34 To Live Is to Die
35 Distant Sun Distant Sun

Hasn't anyone heard this one? The way it kicks off with a mysterious feel to it, you are gripped within seconds and the way Scabbia unleashes her powerful and haunting vocals, it is guaranteed to blow you away!

36 1.19

Absolutely fantastic. Beautiful. Haunting...

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37 Purify
38 Stars Stars

How is this song not even on the list till now. Talk about a power Ballad. If you for some reason have not heard this song do me a favor meditate then listen, clear you head and listen. This song's lyrics are powerful.

39 Without Fear Without Fear

This song is so butiful I found English lyrics still butiful hell me get the list to number 1

40 Delirium Delirium
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