Best Songs From Lady Gaga's Born This Way

I am not a very big fan of Lady Gaga, but her second album I really liked. It has some really good songs.

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1 Scheiße Scheiße

If this song isn't released as a single, the Born This Way era won't be completed. This is the best song of the album. Catchy, perfect for dancing and with an interesting message in the lyrics.

the best song of Queen Gaga! its the "telephone" of the album. it makes me dancing. listen to it! you'll hear the voice of the queen!

The best and most creative song on by the way. Reminds me of old times...

I like the German part of the song

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2 Born This Way Born This Way

This is the best song from her album, because it is very important song for each of us, because we "Born This Way", baby... - teleroy

When I first heard this song, it sounded quite like Madonna's Express Yourself. Hell, even the lyrics are almost similar. And it's definitely nothing compared to Madonna's classic, but it's okay for 21st century pop.

Slightly a rip-off of Madonna's 'Express Yourself' and definitely NOTHING compared to Madonna's legendary classic; but it's quite good. - TheSudhanva

Born this way makes me dance all day greatest song ever

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3 Judas Judas

I am in love with judas! It needs to be number 1! It's the bad romance of born this way and it has an amazing tune and melody in it

Judas should be number 1 since it has the best vocals, beat, melody, video, lyrics, and let me see... Oh.. Yeah... A BEAUTIFUL LADY GAGA IN TREMENDOUS OUTFITS!

Judas is one of Gaga's best songs EVER, and one of the best ever invented by anyone. Great lyrics, it gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.

Girl it slayed me

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4 The Edge of Glory The Edge of Glory

I love this song so much as it is a Dance-pop Rock... My favourite.

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5 Marry the Night Marry the Night

The best of Born This Way by far. Should have been released as a single earlier. Could have been the first or second single. It's just amazing: the lyrics and the recording. It's really a pitty the fact that Marry the Night was not commercially strong and forgotten by the grammy...

Sorry for my english. I'm brazilian. My native language is portuguese.

Really awesome dance/club song. This song is like life what every happens stays with you. Also Edge of Glory is really great, followed by Born This Way, Yoü and I and Judas.

Simply perfect, beautiful meaning, epic sound. The church bells kick in and then BAM! YOU JUST GOTTA STAND UP!

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6 Heavy Metal Lover Heavy Metal Lover

This song is amazing and so sexy, when Gaga says: "oh oh oh oh oh ohh" without background music, oh it kills me, this an Electric Chapel should be next singles, I don't know why but I think those two songs are connected.

This song is just amazing it's the best song on the album it's just so catchy and the beat is just out of this world and the chorus... It's just spectacular Go GAGA

The beat the lyrics the tune everything about this song is just amazing definitely one of my favourite lady gaga songs ever

This song is so sexy and twisted and dark and dirty, everything I love about Gaga. Just perfect. I love the whispers though

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7 Bloody Mary Bloody Mary

all tracks are perfect!
exceptions: electronic chapel, heavy metal love.
the best is schreibe. then, bloody marry (

Such a powerful yet underrated song. Love this one. It had a very different and dark sound. It's haunting in all the right ways.

I have not heard such a song! Its really different and addictive...Gaga could explore her creative boundaries if she had made the video out of this song!

Oh gosh this one is so amazing. The darkness on the sounds and the lyrics is just stunning. And the instrumental gives me so much chills

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8 Hair Hair

Its such a special song! When I close my eyes while listening to it,I see gaga dancing in her teal wig on the streets of New York! Another great song is black jesus!

Only gaga could pull off a dance track with this much soul, emotion, and purity...

9 You And I You And I

I was pretty hard for me to choose my favorite because I love the whole album so so much but I probably have to go with you and I. The video is very entertaining and especially because Jo is in it. Oh god I love him. I love this song and lady gaga! Monster for life!.. Xoxoxox

This song is just amazing. This song brings out power and is just an amazing song. Nearly everyone has heard this song. This is my fave. I love gaga.

How is the best single from the album not at #1? Injustice. - theOpinionatedOne

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10 Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)

the best! like Bad romance! I think the bad romance of her new album is H. U, not judas. ( judas is so similar : thats why its fake! ). listen to H.U, the chorus is like poker face and the "couplets" like bad romance. a fusion of lady gaga's 2 best songs. Poker face Bad romance = Highway Unicorn ( road to love )

It's one of her weirdest and I love it so much! It is one of her bests and should've been a single. A promotional one at least. And more performances. And the end of the song is like the climax of the whole album. Just perfect

Stomper of a chorus. Gives me goosebumps - the thumping drums and the epic shaking synths me enough to get me going! My all time favourite song EVER and gaga should be proud of herself.

Amazing, one of the best songs she has ever written. And no words about this performance at the born this way ball. Incredible. Ten out of ten for sure!

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11 Government Hooker Government Hooker

I love this song because it's make me feel sexy and free to hookin someone, songs techno Ritm is perfect lyrics are so catchy..totally I love all of the born this way but this one and marry the night is cool...

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12 Americano Americano

One of the best Ever by Gaga. "A A AmericanO! " Great verses, powerful chorus, and great outro " Don't you try to catch me NO NO NO NO! "

Very underrated, it's a very audacious song. I mean in 2011, record a song that sounds like this? Only Gaga could make it sound great!

The song is so powerful and creative! The rhythm, composition, musical instrument, lyrics, and all component make me dancing! AME - RI - CANO!

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13 Electric Chapel Electric Chapel

Why isn't this higher? This is a great song. Her vocals are awesome, and the bridge is to die for.

Truly amazing vocals and rhythm, this should be #4 at least. Please give it listen

This song was my third all-time favorite for a few months. - 906389

14 Bad Kids Bad Kids

This rebellious 80s pop song mustn't go unnoticed! Awesome lyrics and classic pop! "you're still good to me if you're a bad kid baby"

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15 Black Jesus Amen Fashion Black Jesus Amen Fashion

Such an unique sound. The instrumental is incredible and it is Gaga at her weirdest - or close to it

This song makes me feel so... Gaga. I don't know what it has that makes me feel sooo amazing.. Beautiful song with perfect production

16 The Queen The Queen

The most underrated song Lady Gaga made.

It's just so beautiful. Lady Gaga you're the queen!

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17 Fashion of His Love Fashion of His Love
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