Best Songs From Lady Gaga's The Fame

Lady gaga is amazing. What is your favorite song from her first album?

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1 Poker Face

By far my second favorite Lady GaGa song. The video is in high quality, and GaGa changes a lot, but not enough to make me want to quit watching it.

Poker Face is cool and very best that others song of GaGa

Better than paparazzi

Not only her best song on The Fame, but her best song overall.
In my opinion, this song and Just Dance are the songs that made her carrer the way it is today!

2 Paparazzi

My favorite song not only on this album, but from Lady Gaga overall (the world overall :) ). It is just really, really lovely and I have always been able to connect with it on a very emotional level.

Paparazzi deserves the number 1 spot since her voice is fenomenal, the lyrics are amazing, the video is stuning, and the beat is infectious, but I am happy where it is. I would be happier if this list could change to paparazzi number 1 and the rest of the list could be how it wants to be.

amazing track from the fame :) love it SO MUCH. definitely should have been more successful chartwise.


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3 Just Dance

Are you kidding people? This is by far her best song! It should be number one!

When I hear this song I just dance

4 Lovegame

I love this song it's so catchy. The video for it is amazing and it left me speechless... So speechless.. ( : he he... Anyways love you mother monster for life

catchy song, well deserved first place - roblist

5 Paper Gangsta

Oh come on. Are you kidding me. This one should be on the top. This song is the BEST. Everything is perfect-the lyrics, the tune, the beat and of course her voice is great. It's such a great thing that in that age she has produced a song like this.

This song is so amazing, it's so special. This song has the best instrumentals I have ever heard.

6 I Like It Rough

Why wasn't this a single? This would've been another global smash hit for her! - Worksponge

7 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

This album is very special to me so its hard to choose a favorite but this song gives me a special feeling at the bridge that gets me back in the old days.

Super song. Love the way she turnes her actual style of of the future into one 80's. I think that Eh Eh is one of her best songs ever. She tryed something different and got it.

8 Starsrtuck

Also why WASN'T THIS A SINGLE!? The fact that Flo Rida and Gaga were the biggest stars in 2009, if they made this a single, this possibly would've been the biggest song of the year! Oh we'll..still good song though. - Worksponge

9 Boys Boys Boys

If this song was a single it would've been another global-hit. - Worksponge

Chorus is phenom

10 Brown Eyes

People who are voting didn't listen to the whole album clearly! This chart is not about wich song hit the most, it's about the best songs on the album! For this reason, Brown Eyes is one of the most beautiful balades of the 2000s. It is simple, a little drum, piano and Gaga's voice... Wonderful!

Best of hers how dare you

The Contenders

11 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
12 Money Honey

It's so delicious

13 The Fame

I Feel Rich When I Hear This Song I Love This

"All we care about is runway models, cadillacs & liquor bottles" this song is a J A M

14 Summerboy

So underrated, it's one of the bests on The Fame with Paparazzi

15 Disco Heaven

The disco-esque version of "Just Dance" and I love it! - Worksponge

16 Retro, Dance, Freak

This song is a very nice pop song I listen to it everyday that is my jam

17 Again Again
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