Best Songs Between Lady Gaga and Katy Perry

Everyone must know Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.
This a thread for duel katy and gaga songs
enjoy it.

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1 Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)

This is the best and most iconic song of all time go gaga. How the hell is firework 2nd Katy Perry desperately struggles to sing it in tune its not pleasant to listen to - 99sjohnson

Lady Gaga doesn't have to dress up in purple hair and childish costumes to be successful! Lady Gaga is so much better.

The video blew me away onto Pluto. If you watch it enough times, you start to notice the differences in watchings.

It's so catchy. My favourites are "Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohhh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh" and "Rah-rah-ra-ah-ah-ah! Romma-romma-ma-ma! Gaga, Ohh-la-la! " parts.

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2 Firework (Katy Perry)

This is a emotional songs, make a spirit, and I love this song!

This song makes everyone who hear it likes a firework! Katy always makes her fans shine bright like a firework! This is emotional song and deeply

Even though I L.O.V. E bad romance, there's no message in it. Firework is catchy and has a beautiful message in it: Be Yourself. Katy Perry has inspired so many people with this song and also her hit song off her recent album PRISM Roar. This has so many touching lyrics and she has a beautiful voice to match it. The music video is also inspiring. Go for it! Firework has that message "JUST BE YOU" and you can not ignore it.

I love all her songs but this one is one of my favorites

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3 Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

this song is very cool best that bad romance

:) love this song

I wont let you down lady gaga

This should be #1

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4 California Gurls (Katy Perry)

You are my favourite singer I know all your songs I wish everyone knew that you were the best I'd love to meet you.

Oh please it's a decent song

Pure 2010s pop perfection


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5 Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)

This song is one of my favorite songs

This is the worst song of katy perry and by the way I am a pure selenator

6 Born This Way (Lady Gaga)

This song is the song of a generation. It has empowering lyrics and a very strong message promoting equality and fair treatment of others. This song tops and Katy Perry song any day. Sorry Katy gotta give this one to the GaGa

Gaga for the 2nd song after Bad Romance than the almost famous Firework (That song is a joke that like I'm working and there's a fire flaming me into 3 hours duh) - BellaBeauty

A realfeel good song and should be first if not second on this list! Definitely beats crappy california gurls which is one of the most boring songs ever and sounds like teenage dream

Very inspirational. I love it. - AnonymousChick

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7 Applause (Lady Gaga)

Best song of 2013 for sure!

This song sucks just like all the mainstream songs from today.
I can't choose the best song on Born This Way and The Fame Monster, but I can choose the worst song on ARTPOP: all of them

Most unique voice go gaga

Just Outstanding

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8 Roar (Katy Perry)


Ugh Katy Perry, you are horrible. This song is literally unbearable. - maddyparrot22

I think is kinda overrated.

This is my favourite song of Katy Perry!

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9 The Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga)

Lady gaga this song is one of my favourite songs by you!

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10 Judas (Lady Gaga)

It's hard to pick from lady gaga's songs! I definitely love Judas and the music video was amazing. I want to dance every time I hear thus!

Gaga is truly queen of pop than katty perry

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11 Telephone (Lady Gaga)

great duet

12 Last Friday Night (Katy Perry)
13 Wide Awake (Katy Perry)

Words will never describe my love for this song. By far, the best song of Katy's career. Gaga can't touch this.

Scotty masters hi katy perry I what to hear wide awake music on 107.7 radio stations
hay katy perry I say are you ok today do you love me

14 Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)

I am a big fan of gaga and of all her songs. This is truly my favorite. I do not care if it is number 10, what I want is to have this list from positions 10-1 filled with lady gaga's most spectacular songs! Come on guys! We can do it. Start by voting the lowest ones every day to raise them higher, then tell all your friends to vote for a lady gaga song and bwala! This whole list filled with mother monster's songs. Get started now!

One of the catchiest, smartest pop songs ever written in my opinion.

Awesome song should be 1

Love gaga n only gaga

15 Hot 'N Cold (Katy Perry)

It's so catchy. Cause your hot n your cold... Your in and your out your up and your doubt. I can't remember all the words but still an amazing song!

I think this is a powerful song

Cause your hot and you cold.

This must be at top lyrics supercool background music
Catchy song...every thing is perfecto

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16 The One that Got Away (Katy Perry)

Nice message, tempo, tune, and very catchy too.

Love Love Love this song and its video. Very deep and beuatiful.

17 Spiritual (Katy Perry)
18 Just Dance (Lady Gaga)

This is one of those pop songs that everyone knows and is just a great song that will always be popular and catchy! I never get tired of the tune even though I have heard it too many times to count!

This should have been number 1

Pop at its best.

This song is why Lady Gaga is famous. This is my favorite Lady Gaga song and her best. my favorite Katy Perry song is one that got away but her best song is Firework! Lady Gaga wins in my opinion. Firework is a close second.
1. Just Dance
2. Firework
3. Poker Face
4. I kissed a girl
5. Bad Romance
6. Roar
7. California Girls
8. Hot and cold
9. Born this way
10. Edge of Glory

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19 Alejandro (Lady Gaga)

Super catchy, and had a really great video


20 Venus (Lady Gaga) V 1 Comment
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