Best Songs From Linkin Park's Living Things


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1 Lost in the Echo

What the hell is wrong with this list?
Lost in the Echo is 100 times better then Burn It down. Burn It Down is good too. But it is nowhere near Lost in the Echo. It dose not deserve to be after Burn It Down. Just listen to it one time. After an album like Thousand suns this song is there perfect come back. Welcome back Linkin Park. Love you - a7x,antar

Of all the songs in the album, this song takes us back to the band's roots of rap rock and nu rock

The greatest song by Linkin Park by far, reminds me so much of 'in the end' and 'the catalyst'. Contains everything
Chester's scream
Chester's vocals
Mike's raps
Joe's mix-up
Amazing beat
Excellent instrument use.

The perfect song of 2012 LP 4 LIFE

I think it the best song from this album. Just awesome!. Love you LP

Lost In The Echo is a song that cannot be forgotten
The song contains many, of Linkin Parks styles, from Hybrid Theory, to A Thousand Suns.

Hybrid Theory/Meteora
Mike's Rapping
Chester's screaming
Catchy Chorus
Joe Turntabling
Instrumental is amazing
Drums feel powerful

Chester Singing
Chester's voice being twisted/remixed
Backup vocals (giving it a nice slow pace)

Well, there we go...GOGOGOGOGOO! 10/10 BestSongEver

2 Castle of Glass

Castle of Glass should oh so easily be #1... The rhythm, the lyrics, even the meaning blows me away... After watching the hunger games, then listening to this, I swore this song should be the theme of the next hunger games movie... Listen to this and it will become one of your favorites!

Honestly, I probably couldn't choose between this one and Lost in the Echo, but I was currently listening to Castle of Glass, so... Yeah, I chose it. Also, the lyrics are so heart felt.

Definitely Castle of Glass. This is the BEST song on Living Things, hands down. The lyrics are fantastic, flowing together extraordinarily well. The rhythm is perfect. Catchy and simple, yet beautiful and awesome. This should be in the top three.

Just an amazing song. It's not a bad catchy song, it's catchy because the combination of the sound, vocals and lyrics/meaning is just perfectly in sync. It is literally mesmerizing and it is interesting to see Linkin Park experimenting with a variety of things because they seem to make everything- any mood, any sound, any type of music just amazing. This song and Living Things is underrated. Linkin Park is still great. - aashim.aggarwal

3 Burn It Down

This song is the best. Lost in the echo, I'll be gone, and castle of glass are a close second

This song is the best from this new album this song should be number 1 vote this song up higher please great guitar bass drumming and singing

Love this song really good new song Amazing good guitar bass singing rapping

This new song is one of my favorites in Linkin Park's new album! Now can you feel the electricity in the air? :D

4 In My Remains

Woah there is actually hope for humanity after all.

This Is Excellent Song From Living Things.. In My Remains Contains Very Good DJ Part And Nice Chorus By Chester.. The Bridge Is Very Good.. I Can Tell That This is The 2nd Best Robotic Song Of Linkin Park.. The 1st Is New Divide.. - DiegoMartin

I don't know why people doesn't understand good music any more. The best songs from this album are In My Remains, Lost in The Echo, Burn it Down and of course Castle of Glass, and the rest is not worth mentioning...

Lost In The Echo is quite good, but rather boring to be honest. In My Remains is far more catchy with brilliant lyrics. Along with Powerless it should be voted the best!

5 Powerless

Tinfoil at NUMBER 4? Does anyone know that it is an instrumental? Whoever voted for that song is not a true Linkin Park fan. BEST: Powerless, Lost in the Echo, Castle of Glass, I'll Be Gone, Burn It Down

What a beautiful song by the greatest band on the planet can't wait for it to hit the charts and top it

Waiting eagerly for 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' and LP 4 life

People voting here not listening to this album fully. Burn It Down up there? Yeah I know it's their first single of this album, but it's not even that good!

Castle of Glass and Victimized used to be my favorites from this album, but this is just too nice.

6 I'll Be Gone

This song makes me nostalgic... The way it begins.. !

Guitars come back! This is the old school

Best song in the album... But Lost in the Echo, Powerless, Burn it Down and Castle of glass are worth mentioning... BEST ALBUM BY Linkin Park

The best song from this album, why is it 6th!?

7 Roads Untraveled

This is the best that LP has in this album! I don't know why is it down the list... It should be at least in the top 3!

Come on man why is this song at such low rank it's the one of the best of LP, at least it should be at 3 rank

Maybe not my absolute favorite but come on people, it should be at least #4. Shinoda's vocals are stunning. The version without the triangle sample is awesome. And the bridge always gives me chills. My top 5 in this album: 1. Powerless 2. Castle Of Glass 3. Roads Untraveled 4. In My Remains 5. Burn It Down

This is the type of song that brings out emotion, I wish it was longer so I wouldn't press repeat so often

8 Lies Greed Misery

While there isn't a single song on the album that I dislike in the least, "Lies Greed Misery" wins it without a doubt for me. It's so intense and passionate. When the song starts out and Mike starts his first verse with, "Imma be that nail in your coffin! You're saying' that I softened! I was duckin' down to reload, " that's when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Linkin Park was still Linkin Park, after their good, though shockingly experimental A Thousand Suns. Mike's intense, unique verses combined with Chester's almost sarcastic, anguished choruses and shrill, passionate screams make this song the best of many fantastic songs on this album, in my opinion.

(Sorry for my amateur English). This song is my most favourite of all Linkin Park songs. I makes me feel happy, it's got something another in, something that the other songs don't have. Changing rap and scream, and, as the best dot of the song, screaming, perfect screaming.

The first time I heard this song I instantly loved it. It's amazing and my favorite song off of this album along with "Skin to Bone" and "Powerless. "

Just screaming which I love

9 Skin to Bone

One of the best songs I have ever heard! There is a strong emotion behind every verse. Incredibly well done!

How could this be 9th, you people suck

I liked dis song... It is very good... N better than roads untraveled, lies greed misery, I'll be gone

10 Victimized

There is a lot of rage in this song, and chester' screams are excellently violent and powerful. I love all linkin park songs, from every album, ep and even the ones they recorded when they were called hybrid theory. I love this album and I 'll vote for this one, because it's the proof that linkin park are a metal band, unlike all the haters say. - Deathshield18

This song is short but captures so much in it, I saw it live and they absolutely killed it, it fitted in so well with some of the older, better stuff. Oh and guys, no one likes people who think their music is better than others. Respect people's opinions

This song needs to be higher on the list!

This is old LP! How did it not make the list?

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11 Until It Breaks

I can agree, there are better songs on this album than Until It Breaks, but let's be honest. This song is kick-ass from Mike's intense rapping to the beautiful vocals leading into Tinfoil. It brought back some features heard in LP's earlier songs, it truly is a great way to finish a masterpiece (combined with Tinfoil and Powerless).

The first song to have Brad's vocals and this one sounds awesome

This should be in the top three at least, Lost in the Echo is Way too overrated.

Underrated I guess... Interesting song, especially Mike's rapping combined with Joe's FX

12 Tinfoil

It's a flipping heavenly instrumental, it may not be my favourite but I'm voting for it! Appreciate the clarity in the music!

It may be instrumental, but out of all the songs on the album, I'd listen to it again.

Excellent introduction to the masterpiece Powerless

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