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Easily the best on Reanimation, and also one of the greatest songs of all time. When I'm listening to this beautiful song I think about all the emotional things that have happened in my life, and at the end of the song I feel happy that such an amazing song exists. Krwlng is perfect - EvilAngel

Just perfect. Favourite song in the world, Use of Violin and cello and all string instruments are just heavenly. Very very intense and emotional. When the beat kicks in later in the song, it blows me away. Just soothes me whenever I listen. Not a bad word can be said about this song, its unique and just legendary. Criminally underrated. No song ever comes close. Just unbelievable. - Zazeeqo

It just makes me wanna cry... Love it! First time I heard it, I knew it was gonna be my favorite song for a long time... And it still is one of my favorites.

Such an emotional song, rock on Linkin Park! - 05yusuf09

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2 P5hng Me A*wy

The song that introduced me to reanimation, and my favorite. There's just a giant build up in the first 2 minutes, and the very end is just so good. The final "the sacrifice of never knowing why" transitioning into one of the final lines of the song "why I stay, when you just push away" is just so awesome along with all the instruments and sounds all happening at once in the background is just a great blend

Favorite linkin park song

SO amazing song a great spin to hybrid�'s theory original one

3 Enth E Nd
4 1stp Klosr
5 Wth>You

I Woke up In A Dream Today! To the Cold OF The Linkin Park :)
Best Song IN Reanimation -. -

This is just so much better than the original, it is my second favourite from the Reanimation album. It represents this album so much with all it's heavy remixes of Chester voice and it is just so amazingly beautiful! LOVE YOU LINKIN PARK! ❤️

6 Pts. Of. Athrty

The music video for this song is epic. It's like a video game preview.

7 Ppr:kut

Its good and creative good rappers not mike shinoda the other one

8 By_Myslf

Great Marilyn Manson remix!

Ending to this is what gets me. Sooo high octane and intense. Go listen, very underrated! Comes 3rd in this album and top 5 linkin park songs! - Zazeeqo

9 Plc. 4 Mie Haed
10 Rnw@y

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11 Frgt/10
12 Kyur4 TH Ich
13 H! Vltg3
14 X-Ecutioner Style
15 Opening
16 NtrMssion
17 Chali
18 Stef
19 Riff Raff
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