Best Songs From All Time Low's Album Dirty Work

The Top Ten

1 Guts
2 Time Bomb

This should be at the top. Not second. And for me, this is the best All Time Low song ever.

Catchy, relatable, and amazing vocals. I love this song to death next to Guts. :D

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3 Bad Enough for You

Song good I like

Realling good song... Love it has such a good beat and it should be in the top 3

4 A Daydream Away

Why this song is still stuck on number 8? This song literally was a perfection.

5 Return the Favor
6 Forget About It

Easily my favorite on this album

7 No Idea V 1 Comment
8 Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

Most bands have love songs. All Time Low have hate songs and I love it - Ilikefishsticks

9 That Girl
10 Under a Paper Moon

This song is exactly what it is. Listen and you understand it all

Why is this song down there? The lyrics are something amazing, almost poetry. Jack, Rian and Zack did an awesome with the intrumetal part!

The Contenders

11 Heroes
12 Do You Want Me (Dead?)
13 I Feel Like Dancin'

Come on guys, this song is amazing! Also, the lyrics are really funny and it's just the kind of song that makes you want to dance. obviously. worth a listen!

Alex Gaskarth doesn't even like this song - Ilikefishsticks

14 Just the Way I'm Not
15 My Only One
16 Get Down on Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me
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