Best Songs From Madonna's Bedtime Stories

The Queen Of Pop abandoned her sexually controversial look of the 'Erotica' era and reinvented herself as an R&B artist. 'Bedtime Stories' includes songs that are a mix of pop, dance-pop and R&B.

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1 Secret

First single from the album. When people first heard this song they were shocked - the disco and dance-pop queen sang a song with acoustic guitars with a classical voice, non-sexual lyrics and a trip-hop tone! But still, Madonna proved her talent - 'Secret' became a global hit. - TheSudhanva

It's the very best hit of Madonna! Madonna the singer, Madonna the soul and breath of heart!

2 Take a Bow

One of Madonna's greatest songs ever. Just listen to that brilliant performance. Her voice sounds unique.
Take a Bow should be no.1 for sure - Alexandr

One of the greatest Love songs. Madonna showed brilliant vocal here. I love the way she changes her vocal while singing this song. Gorgeous! - Irina2932

This may be Madonna's best song. it is very good, great singing, and overall performance. sh - maggot-104

One of Madonna's best ballads ever. - TheSudhanva

3 Human Nature

Very good almost sates why Madonna was put on this planet favorite song by her glad she plays it on so many tours

A new time swing song which was very new for Madonna making itr most different and special song Madonna has yet to make one like it.
It's human nature!

4 Bedtime Story

Madonna's first 'trance' song. The music video, in particular, was appreciated. - TheSudhanva

5 Survival
6 Love Tried to Welcome Me
7 Forbidden Love

One of my favorite ballads by Madonna. She performs this song wonderfully great. It should have been released as a single. Could've been a big hit - Irina2932

8 Don't Stop

A simple song, but, thanks to Madonna, you feel like dancing to it. - TheSudhanva

9 Inside of Me
10 I'd Rather Be Your Lover

It's a catchy song.

The Contenders

11 Sanctuary

One of the best songs on the album. It's a haunting song that makes you feel warm, I used to hate it but now I love it.

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1. Sanctuary
2. Love Tried to Welcome Me
3. Human Nature
1. Take a Bow
2. Secret
3. Bedtime Story
1. Take a Bow
2. Human Nature
3. Forbidden Love


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