Best Songs From Madonna's Erotica

The Queen Of Pop's fifth studio album was released in 1992. Critics applauded the album, thought at the same time criticising the open sexuality brought forth through 'Erotica'. But, as Slant Magazine so rightly said, "Madonna at her most important, at her most relevant." Madonna has always been sexually expletive and immensely controversial. The 'Erotica' period was full of the real Madonna, the Madonna that had always been THE sex icon. 'Erotica' received positive reviews from critics, and fans praised the album's creativity, some even calling it Madonna's best at the time.

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1 Bad Girl

I think this is one of the greatest Madonna songs ever. Unfortunately, it didn't have big success in charts. Anyway, 'Bad Girl' is underrated masterpiece and brilliance. Its music video was very cool and Madge showed wonderful acting in it! - Irina2932

The entire mood and message behind the entire album can be carried by this song alone and the brilliant David Fincher's video is simply a work of art where, love or hate it, Madonna showed just how talented of an actress she can be.

I am voting for "Bad Girl" here because I feel like it was greatly underrated. It seems to be quite the fan favorite (not to mention one of her best music videos ever), yet at the time it was greatly overlooked.

An excellent song. Madonna adds a classical voice to pop music and the result - an excellent masterpiece called 'Bad Girl'. - TheSudhanva

2 Deeper and Deeper

Awesome track - one of Madonna's very best. Rolling Stone described the song as 'pure disco'. 'Deeper And Deeper' became an international hit. - TheSudhanva

Who cannot like this song? It never ages, really. It was awesome just seeing it on her tour, 12 years after she performed it last.

3 Erotica

The title track is not very catchy, far from cheerful and never mentioned among her best. Yet, as soon as you hear its opening thumping bass, you recognize it immediately. In many ways, "Erotica" is just as iconic of a single as her most famous (Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Frozen, Hung Up) because it so perfectly encompasses Madonna, at a particular stage in her career. If I had to compare this track to a movie genre, it would be suspense/ horror. This is because there is a certain imminent danger that lurks behind its every beat, every spoken word. And that's exactly what makes this song such a stand out in Madonna's career. Many misinterpreted what she was trying to do with it and quickly write it off as a 'sex track'. Sex, yes, but a dangerous sex for sure to be exact.

Madonna pioneered the musical art of singing with 'spoken words'. She successfully used this method in worldwide hits 'Justify My Love' and 'Erotica'. - TheSudhanva


4 Rain

This is a fantastic ballad, deserves number one on this great list - maggot-104

One of Madonna's best, most successful ballads. - TheSudhanva

Underrated song by her!

5 Bye Bye Baby

DANCE! Catcy and groove-worthy. - TheSudhanva

Bye bye baby bye bye it's your turn to vote for this song if it had been releashed earlier like the 3rd or 4th single it woul have entered many more charts

6 In This Life
7 Where Life Begins

Although the lyrics are very dirty, this song is great. I think that it captures the very thing that Erotica stands for and is. The sound is great

This song is actually much better then I though because it really does have such a good dance beat I can easy ally get over the dirty lyrics.

8 Thief of Hearts

I think this track should have been released as a single - very interesting lyrics, great music. I think its music video would be great and Madge would kick ass - Irina2932

This is the reason I bought the album I love this song very good lyrics and meaning plus the beat where do I begin I love it please vote for this song it is so much so so so so so so so so much better then deeper and deeper!

9 Fever

I love this song! Why is this so low? This should be higher! - LapisBob

Why so low? One of the best ones

10 Waiting

This is one of my favorite Non-single tracks from Madonna. Very original sound and great lyrics. I wish it was released as a single - Irina2932

So much better then fever however its hard becuase all the songs are so good

The Contenders

11 Why's It So Hard

Actually this song is pretty good should be ahaed of ew fever not a lover of that song but this one is really good

12 Secret Garden
13 Words

Very nice song with great lyrics and melodious music. Too bad this song wasn't a single. Could have been a big hit. I think - Irina2932

The lyrics on this track are among the best that Madonna ever wrote and the music, with the Eastern influence, is quite a stand out.

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