Best Songs From Madonna's Music

Madonna's eight studio album sure is fantastic. The Queen Of Pop welcomed the new century with renewed success and increased popularity. 'Music' followed the immense success of 'Ray Of Light'. It was critically and commercially applauded. In this album, Madonna again reinvented herself to sound more country-like.

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1 Music

International hit, and one of the decades most successful singles. - TheSudhanva

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2 Don't Tell Me

Didn't think she had it in her to go country, but she did it, and did it well - maggot-104

Madonna goes country - successfully. The musicvideo for this song also was fantastic. - TheSudhanva

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3 Paradise (Not For Me)

This song was on two tours for crie out loud and it was never released as a sigle so it means that Madonna must like song think people two tours that's more then a lot of her singles

Magjestic beautiful timless this song is moving and deep neve has madonna reapeated this kind of song

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4 What It Feels Like for a Girl

Madonna on women-rights. The music video showed a violent side of Madonna, and was banned. - TheSudhanva

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5 Impressive Instant

This song is so crazy and catchy. You won't know what's happening because this song is so busy. It always makes me dance!

I just love it! Madonna is always the queen

Her ability to cvhnage and re-invent is unbeatable and can't be matched

Better than half of MJ stuff

Even when you get people who don't like music by Madonna they're stupid

This song is so amazing--- just like the actual song amazing

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6 Amazing UListen to Sample
7 Gone UListen to Sample
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9 Runaway Lover

One of my favorite Non-single tracks by Madonna. Too bad she didn't make it a single. It would be great - Irina2932

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10 American Pie

This is one of my favorite songs by Madonna and I don't think she ruined this song. Critics were too harsh. Madonna's voice sounds wonderful here - Irina2932

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11 Nobody' Perfect UListen to Sample
12 Cyber-raga
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