Best Songs From Madonna's Ray of Light

The best songs from the Queen Of Pop's 1998 album 'Ray Of Light'.

The Top Ten

1 Has to Be
2 Frozen

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The best song of Madonna's career in my opinion. And how is the best song from the album "Has to Be"? I hope my Remix changes it (it won't but whatever). - theOpinionatedOne

The best of all the songs of Madonna really, without any doubt.
The humming is just classic, period.

Mmmm! New Age in every way. - TheSudhanva

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3 The Power of Goodbye

I love Ray of Light very much. Frozen became real Classic but I wanna give a credit to this beautiful track. The lyrics is unique, the melody is sweet and music video is just phenomenal - Irina2932

This song is a masterpiece. Ray of light is the best album ever. Awesome-talented artists like Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Michael Jackson are good, but they would never do something like that album!

This song got two gold awards for all the charting it did beating nothing really matters or subsitute for love, because this song rocks and still does plus oldest Madonna song on my phone I still love

Makes me cry!

Should have been number 1

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4 Ray of Light

Ray of Light is such a good song! The only problem is that the music is a bit louder than the track. This masterpiece was too early for its time!

And I FEEL... ! Pure dance-pop. Way to go, Queen Of Pop! - TheSudhanva

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5 Sky Fits Heaven

Amazing spiritual gem.

The chorus makes me fly in another dimension... It's so ethereal... Amazing!

Should have been a single so good yet overlooked

One of the many hidden gems on ray of light

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6 Drowned World / Substitute for Love

This song is so underrated it irks me... When you listen to it you actually feel the loss of love, unlike all the generic pop ballads you hear nowadays.

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7 To Have and Not to Hold

Makes you feel like you were drenched with rainwater! - TheSudhanva

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8 Swim

This song is out of this world. madonna is incredible.

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10 Nothing Really Matters

One of my favorite songs from Madonna. I love its lyrics very much. Madonna is brilliant as always. Real Queen - Irina2932

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11 Candy Perfume Girl UListen to Sample
12 Shanti / Ashtangi UListen to Sample
13 Mer Girl UListen to Sample
14 Little Star

Why is this so low?! Such a beautiful song and so inspirational! :) love you Madonna

The sweet lyrics are just beautiful. IO think Madonna meant this song to be a successor to her 1983 classic hit 'Lucky Star' Madonna is not only the Queen Of Pop, but also the Queen Of Music.

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1. Frozen
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1. Frozen
2. The Power of Goodbye
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1. Swim
2. Sky Fits Heaven
3. Skin

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