Best Songs From Madonna's True Blue

The top ten songs from the Queen Of Pop's 1985, third studio album. It widened Madonna's horizon and blew all the music critics' claims that she would remain a one-hit wonder after her successful second album 'Like A Virgin'. 'True Blue' remains one of the highest selling albums of history.

The Top Ten

1 True Blue

Madonna fuses pop and dance with a tune of classic. - TheSudhanva

2 Live to Tell

Critics note this song as Madonna's best ballad yet. - TheSudhanva

This is one of the greatest ballads ever. her singing is very good even live so credit has to be given here. - maggot-104

Only good song from the album bedsides true blue
Papa don't preach is too over rated
Live to tell best song

3 La Isla Bonita

This is my all time favorite song. Madge showed amazing and so touching vocal here. I can listen to this masterpiece over and over again. Real Classic from Madonna - Irina2932

Madonna's first #1 hit on French charts, which would later be succeeded by 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina'. - TheSudhanva

One of her best songs ever!

This song is beautiful

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4 Papa Don't Preach

Old people and orthodox folk panned this song, saying Madonna glorified teenage pregnancy and pre-marriage sex (like, they noted, her previous hit single 'Like A Virgin'), but Madonna only wanted to voice her opinion against abortions. Anyway, this song was a runaway hit. - TheSudhanva

Some critics talked bad things about this wonderful track but I don't care. 'Papa Don't Preach' is brilliant masterpiece from Madonna. It was no.1 in many countries and this is my 2nd favorite Madonna song (after La Isla Bonita) - Irina2932

5 Open Your Heart

One of Madonna's most famous dance-singles. - TheSudhanva

Amazing song, iconic video...

6 White Heat
7 Where's the Party
8 Love Makes the World Go Round

Why OF COURSE IT DOES! And the other thing that makes the world go round is Madonna'S MUSIC! Infectious song. - TheSudhanva

9 Jimmy Jimmy
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1. True Blue
2. White Heat
3. Papa Don't Preach
1. Open Your Heart
2. Live to Tell
3. Where's the Party
1. Live to Tell
2. Open Your Heart
3. Papa Don't Preach

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