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1 My All My All

Haunting and melancholic. One of Mariah's biggest hits

My All is perfect, It sexy and emotional at the same time
In my opinion, This would be a hard song to sing, Because you have to have a low voice and still have a little raspy voice with it,

But MARIAH! Shes queen she managed to get a song like "'My All"

I persoally like "Breakdown" too but this tops it.

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2 Butterfly Butterfly

This song truly expresses her artistic freedom and leaving some one you love and set them free... Her last chorus is astonishing and the build up is out of this world this song is my favourite song of all time and helped me get through my brothers death.. This song is a master piece

A voice of an angel is sounded in this song.

Mariah's best ballad. Her signature song.

3 The Roof The Roof

This song is just perfect, it contains a lot of knowledge and musical taste. The Roof it just art, there is no other song in this album which can even be compared. With Butterfly and My All - the song fits well to the album content and fits well to her personality

I think the whole song in general is such a masterpiece, very sultry and catchy and it's one of my personal favorites.

The Roof proves Mariah is the lyricist of our generation. This song was a stroke of genius.

For me is this best track on the album..

4 Outside Outside

A fan favorite. An anthem for anyone who has ever felt different.

5 Breakdown Breakdown

Butterfly is a musical masterpiece. Breakdown is one of Mariah's best songs. Its perfection. Mariah is the lyricist of our generation.

6 Whenever You Call Whenever You Call V 1 Comment
7 Babydoll Babydoll V 1 Comment
8 The Beautiful Ones The Beautiful Ones
9 Honey Honey V 1 Comment
10 Fourth of July Fourth of July V 1 Comment

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11 Close My Eyes Close My Eyes

A glimpse inside the mind of a megastar

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