Best Songs From Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar


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1 The Beautiful People

This is not just the best song on this album, it is also the best song by Manson in general! The track holds perhaps the most compelling and memorable beats yet never falters in maintaining the fierce and crashing climax, perfectly aligned in congruence with the militant bgm and amazing riff!

2 The Reflecting God

One of the best songs of all time!

This song is the best song ever unless it isn't

Best song out of one of his best albums!

Absolutely love this

3 Tourniquet


4 Antichrist Superstar

The best song of the album, this song represents all tracks because he is the Antichrist Superstar

I think this song deserves second place. This is his anthem!

Best song ever, is when he is the Antichrist Superstar and it's the main theme

Absolute beast of a song.

5 Deformography
6 Man That You Fear

This isn't my favourite song on this album, but I think it should be a lot higher

7 Irresponsible Hate Anthem

This song is so good. Please get it higher then 8!

8 1996
9 Angel With the Scabbed Wings
10 Mister Superstar


The Contenders

11 Minute of Decay
12 Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World
13 Kinderfeld

This song is so eerie and sexy! How could it not be in the top ten?

14 Cryptorchid

Am I the only one that likes this song?

No I like this too

15 Wormboy
16 Little Horn
17 Track 99
18 Untitled
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1. The Beautiful People
2. Minute of Decay
3. Tourniquet
1. The Beautiful People
2. Deformography
3. The Reflecting God
1. The Reflecting God
2. Kinderfeld
3. Irresponsible Hate Anthem

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