Best Songs On Maroon 5's Hands All Over

The Top Ten

1 Misery
2 Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Nice song and the video was awesome - Magnolia

I would have voted for HOW if I found it here or Runaway but this is perfect too

3 Hands All Over
4 Give a Little More

A fun, groovy song without the mainstream overproduction of "Moves Like Jagger" and real instruments like a rock and roll band.

Amazing song. Great place!

5 Stutter

So cool! It makes me s s s s stutter

6 Moves Like Jagger

! Great song. It is really catchy. you do got the moves like jagger!

Awesome... Inspiring Song!

It needs to be number 1! Maroon 5 plus Christina Alguilera equals a powerful song!

7 Runaway
8 No Curtain Call
9 Just a Feeling

One of my favorite maroon 5 songs of all!

10 How

"Though I don't understand the meaning of love, I do not mind if I die trying."

The Contenders

11 If I Ain't Got You
12 Out of Goodbyes
13 Get Back In My Life

How was this masterpiece not on the list to begin with?

14 Don't Know Nothing
15 I Can't Lie
16 Last Chance
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