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1 She Will Be Loved

All time lovely song of maroon5!

This song is so nice. This is probably Maroon 5's best song along with "This Love". - TheFourthWorld

This is just real, great music from a fantastic pop/rock band.

Very beautiful lyrics and Adam Levine has a great voice

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2 This Love

It is an absolutely amazing song. Love adam's voice.

One of their best songs - Magnolia

It's a really good song! - TheFourthWorld


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3 Harder to Breathe

Just a perfect rock song

Best song about jane to me 😁

4 Sunday Morning

Great songs always makes me feel better listening to Adam Levine's AMAZING VOICE!

It makes everything feel better~

5 The Sun
6 Must Get Out

By far the most heartfelt song of the bunch. Must get out is a deep song in both lyrics and words.

Most heartfelt Maroon 5 song of all time!

Must get out is the best!

7 Sweetest Goodbye

As Adam said "This is a I-Still-Love-You song", my all time favorite.

This is one of their best songs. - TheFourthWorld

Daisy Ridley likes this song! - TheFourthWorld

8 Secret
9 Tangled

This song is so good

10 Through With You

This song doesn't deserve to be number 11! It is a great song!

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11 Shiver

This should be on top 5

Great song

12 Not Coming Home

Listen to this and tell me it doesn't stand out from the pack

13 Ragdoll
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1. This Love
2. Harder to Breathe
3. She Will Be Loved
1. The Sun
2. She Will Be Loved
3. Through With You
1. This Love
2. She Will Be Loved
3. Sunday Morning

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