Best Songs From Megadeth's Cryptic Writings

Cryptic Writings is the seventh studio album by heavy metal band Megadeth, released in June 1997, with a remixed and remastered version released in 2004. The album debuted at #10 on Billboard Top 200. This is the last Megadeth studio album to feature drummer Nick Menza.

The Top Ten


Love it! one of the first megadeth songs I ever heard! and loved it strait away!


This song is one of the most special music for me. I love the chorus and ending solo. Great job from Megadeth.

A Secret Place

Song creates such an atmosphere like no other song has. Great unique riff to the song.


This song is like a mini "Tornado Of Souls".

Use the Man

Great great song. Very good lyrics and instraments. This is one of my favorite megadeth songs. Should definitely be number one.

Almost Honest
The Disintegrators
I'll Get Even

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Have Cool, Will Travel

Why people, why? This song is awesome

One Thing
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