Best Songs From Megadeth's Endgame

Endgame (sometimes capitalized ENDGAME) is the twelfth studio album by American heavy metal band Megadeth. Released on September 9, 2009, it is the first album featuring guitarist Chris Broderick, following Glen Drover's departure in 2008. It is also the band's last studio album with James LoMenzo before Dave Ellefson replaced him in 2010.

The Top Ten

1 Head Crusher

"Screw all this political stuff, let's just crush some heads"

This is Megadeth going back to it's ear-piercing roots

Amazing crushing song! Masterpiece!

Death by the head crusher catchy as hell

2 How the Story Ends

From it's (very) catchy chorus and acoustic interlude, to the mesmerizing solo by broderick, followed by the pounding and powerful drums accompanying the second guitar riff, this song has it all!

this song is amazing. the acoustic guitar in the middle fits in like a glove, and Dave's lyrics are at it's finest.

3 44 Minutes

A strong melody with lyrical content that is quite dark, depicting a domestic shoot out. Personally, my favorite off of this modern masterpiece.

HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1? This is up there with Hangar 18, Holy Wars, and Peace Sells.

Amazing song with a dark message.

4 This Day We Fight!

The right to go insane isn't that good of a song, it feels generic, this is probably the best track on this album

Well, the top 5 is right. Not in the order I'd put them but still the right 5 songs. - AdamDestructorJr.

This is amazing! More moshable than Slayer.

Awesome, fast, heavy and very agressive. - Ikciwor

5 Endgame

2.The Hardest Part of Letting Go... Sealed With a Kiss
3.Head Crusher
4.Dialectic Chaos
6.The Right to Go Insane
7.How to Story Ends
8.This Day We Fight
10.44 Minutes
11.Bite the Hand

6 Dialectic Chaos

An instrumental track that doesn't get boring has to be worthy of recognition. And this does it perfectly

One of the best instrumentals ever. The guitar works rivals Iron Maidens transylvannia. - wolphert

Probably the best song in the album. Brings back that 90s era metal shredding

7 The Hardest Part of Letting Go... Sealed with a Kiss

The lyrics are awesome as the guitars are. The intro is completely super. I think it is the best song of Endgame of 2009. And in my opinion Megadeth should make an official music video of this song.

Beautiful and powerful, love every part of the song

8 The Right to Go Insane

Manages to be thrash but have melodic aspects to it as well; the main chorus is fantastically, and the final solo is brief but absolutely top notch. My favorite on this album, followed closely by Head Crusher (sound wise)..

Song is extremely heavy and fast at the same time and the solo dueling at the end caps off megadeth's greatest album in the past 15 years. Song barely stands above the rest as every song on the album is strong.

My favorite, good song to end the album!

9 1,320'

The guitar duel at the end is one of the best in history! As well its fast, great lyrics and vocals, bass is heavy, drums are fantastic (especially the snare solo before the second half). Overall a fast thrasher and a kick ass song! - bonnin40

There's nothing more I can really say about this song other than it kicks absolute ass, guitar duel is epic as hell! - Derrick_Fox

10 Bodies

The Contenders

11 Bite the Hand

I admit the lyrics are not the greatest. But musically it is no way the worst song on this album.

Bodies is worse. - AdamDestructorJr.

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