Rocking With Regret: Risk By Megadeth (Re-Review)

christangrant I have reviewed this album before but i'm Re-Reviewing it because i feel i was too nice on the last review and this album is really bad so let's do this again

Risk is the eighth studio album by American thrash metal band Megadeth, released on August 31, 1999 by Capitol Records, the band's last album to be released by the label. This album received loads of backlash because the band had shifted to a more radio friendly alternative rock sound which alienated their fans which knew them for their thrash metal albums, even Dave Mustaine himself doesn't like and he said and i Quote "if anybody else's name was on 'Risk', it would have sold".however the irony is this album did sell well and that's bad because this album is the worst Megadeth album and to prove my point we are going to review all the songs on the original album plus the Japanese bonus track so anyway onto the re-review


Well this track isn't 100% awful but this song is nowhere near the quality of Megadeth's past works. This song is very repetive and very radio friendly and because of that this song was chosen to be a single from the album and it peaked at 26 on the mainstream rock charts which it did the worse of the 3 singles from this album and for good reason, people knew this song wasn't very good.
Rating 7/10

Prince of Darkness

No this isn't about Ozzy Osbourne but this song isn't that great either one problem that most of the songs face on this album is Dave Mustaine is already not that great of a singer and when you add that the instrumentals aren't very good either and you would get most of the songs from this album and this song is no exception it's a bland Hard Rock song and nothing special about it also theirs weird grunts by Dave Mustaine in the middle of the song for no reason they only make the song worse but let's move on.
Rating 6/10

Enter the Arena

The only reason this song exists is to build up for the next song which i'll get to but this song ain't anything special so let's move on
Rating 6/10

Crush 'Em

Oh boy this song is rather infamous because this was the lead single from this album and probably the most hated Megadeth song ever but to be fair this song is actually one of the better songs on the album which really doesn't say much since theirs almost no songs worth listening to on this album but if you are a fan of Wrestling you might like this song but other than that it really isn't worth listening to but one thing that makes this song infamous is the electronic dance beat in the background and keep in mind this is the same band that made many great classic thrash metal songs and now they are putting electronic beats in their songs so yeah while that's bad the song itself is ok but not the worst Megadeth song.
Rating 7/10


Well here's the 2nd single from this album and it's still nowhere near the quality of their songs before and it only get's worse after this song because this is one of those albums where they put all the highlights at the start of the album, but anyway back to this song it's alright it's repetitive just like the other songs were but overall this song is listenable and it sucks because the 2nd half of this song has pretty good guitar work
Rating 7/10

The Doctor is Calling

Well out of all the songs that were on the original album release this song is my favorite but it's still has the flaws that pretty much all the songs on this album suffer from and it's such a shame because this song is really catchy and it could have alot better but let's move on.
Rating 7/10

I'll Be There

Oh my god no they didn't, Megadeth made a pop rock song yes you heard me right this song is practically a pop rock song mainly because of the lyrics and that Pop beat in the background even the title of the song for crying out loud sounds like a title of a pop song this is not what a metal band should be doing keep in mind this is the same band that made Hangar 18 a technical masterpiece and now on this album they are making Pop Rock songs. Like i said before this is not something a metal band should do especially a thrash metal band that have a very loyal fanbase but this song is medicore for pop rock standards so let's move on.
Rating 6/10


This song is not as poppy as the last song was but this song is nothing special and overall is just mediocre not really woth talking about that much but the 2nd half of the song is pretty descent but other than that this song is a "Meh"
Rating 6/10


Oh if you thought Megadeth making 1 pop rock song was bad well guess what? They made another one which is this song which like i said before is not something Megadeth should be doing i want to know what was going through their heads when they made this album but anyway just like I'll Be There this song is mediocre and not much to really say so let's move on.
Rating 6/10


This song is just plain awful, First off the instrumental is some of the most generic i have ever heard in my life and Second the vocals are probably the worst Dave Mustaine has ever sung and Third after coming off two pop rock songs you get a more hard rock song that's actually worse than those pop rock songs, yeah i'm not even kidding it's that bad it's Megadeth's 2nd worst song it would be the worst but their's actually one song that is worse but i'll just say this it's from the album that came after this one (The World Need's a Hero) but anyway avoid this song.
Rating 5/10

Time: The Beginning

So the next two songs go together but let's review the two parts separately. This song is alright it's much better than the last awful song but again it suffers from most of the problems that this whole album has but let's move on.
Rating 7/10

Time: The End

Well this would be the last song on the album but i'm including a bonus track but anyway as a ending track it's alright the riffs are fine but it's way too short it's barley above 2 minutes but anyway i guess this would be an alright ending to this awful album but there's still a bonus track left so let's get to it.
Rating 7/10

Duke Nukem Theme (Japanese Bonus Track)

Holy crap this song is awesome and it doesn't suffer from any of the problems that the rest of the album has because its a instrumental and Dave Mustaine doesn't sing and the instrumentals are great but there's only one problem with this song unless you lived in Japan this song wasn't on the original album and this is the best song from this album, yes you heard me right a Japanese Bonus Track which is a theme song for a first person shooter game is the best song on this album and it was only on the Japanese versions such a shame.
Rating 10/10

now that we are done with rating all the songs let's add up all the scores and since their is 13 songs we minus 30 from the final score

10+7(x6)+6(x5) +5 = 87 - 30 = 57

Album Rating 57/100

In my last review i gave this album a 62/100 what was i thinking this album deserved a lower score and indeed it got a lower score this time. It's sad that the only song worth listening to off this album was a Japanese Bonus Track that is a theme song to Duke Nukem but other than that song avoid this album and it is most definitely Megadeth's worst album. Thanks for reading this post and have a good day by listening to Rust in Peace instead of this album.


I haven't heard this album but I heard Stone Cold Sweat from Super Collider. It had some of the worst lyrics by a metal band I've heard. - Skullkid755