Rocking With Regret: Super Collider By Megadeth (Re-Review)

christangrant Oh my i can't believe Megadeth is the first band on this series to have two of their albums on a post but sadly it had to happen because this album sucks and was a huge disappointment but before we get to why this album is bad first some history.

Super Collider is the 14th Studio album by Megadeth and was released on June 3rd 2013. It is the first Megadeth album released through Tradecraft. This is the first album since 1997's Cryptic Writings to be released with the same line up as the last album. (Which was Th1rt3en). This album is considered one of their worst because it went for a more modern hard rock style rather than the thrash style from Endgame and Th1rt3en And many have compared this album to Risk which was also a change in the bands sound to hard rock.

and now that we got the history done i'm going track by track to show why this album was such a huge disappointment.


Ok this song is great this is one of the best songs from this album and is a great way to start off not much to really complain here except for maybe the vocals which aren't that great but Dave has never been that good to begin with so its alright for Megadeth standards but otherwise this is a great song if only the rest of the album were like this song.
Rating 10/10

Super Collider:

Here is where the problems begin to show the production on this album isn't very good on some songs Kingmaker was tolerable but the production on this song is bad that not the only problem with this song, Dave Mustaine's vocals here are bad especailly since they are the main focus of this song because the riffs aren't really anything special they are just like any modern hard rock song the solo is pretty good but other than that the riff isn't anything special. Overall this song isn't the worst thing I've ever heard but it could have been a lot better.
Rating 7/10


Oh boy now we have really gone down in quality we went from a great song to a alright song with many flaws to a mediocre song with some of Dave's worst vocals i'm not kidding they are really bad here and the riff is again nothing special and the production isn't very good again and the chorus of this song oh boy it's just Burn Baby Burn which isn't original and Dave sings it very badly here overall this is just a bad song overall.
Rating 5/10

Built for War:

This song is way better than the last one the riffs here sound alot better but it still has the flaws of Dave Mustaine's Vocals being bad and the production but that applies to most of this album but anyway this song gets repetitive during the first half but 2nd half is pretty good overall this song better than the last one but not the best from the album.
Rating 8/10

Off the Edge:

Oh man another mediocre at best song the vocals here are worse than the other songs from this album and the riffs are nothing special and sound just like any modern hard rock album but at least other modern hard rock albums had good production and good vocals this on the other hand is the opposite of that overall this is the worst song from the album because everything is bad here the riffs also get repetitive here.
Rating 5/10

Dance in the Rain (Featuring David Draiman)

Hey this song features David Draiman from Disturbed and he is the best part of this song because it's nice to hear someone who can actually sing pretty good on this album too bad it's only 1 verse though and you can barley hear him due to the bad production of this album. I'm going to be honest David Draiman should have sang this whole song because Dave here sounds pretty bad but at least the guitar riffs are descent so overall this is one of the better songs from this album mostly because of the riffs and David Draiman being here.
Rating 9/10

Beginning of Sorrow:

At least the riffs here sound alright i guess but everything else isn't that good but the chorus here is pretty bad mostly because of Dave's singing but otherwise this song is just another mediocre song from this album.
Rating 6/10

The Blackest Crow:

This album is very inconsistant in terms of quality it goes from areally good track to an ok song to a mediocre or bad song then back to a good song but anyway this song is ok The vocals,Production are bad like the rest of the songs the riffs with the electric guitar are fine but the riffs with the fiddle are bad. Overall this song is ok.
Rating 7/10

Forget to Remember:

Again a ok song from this album this song kinda sounds like well a generic hard rock song the riffs the vocals which are somewhat better here sounds just like a hard rock song you would hear any day on the radio not much else to say moving on
Rating 7/10

Don't Turn Your Back...:

Or else a Megadeath will happen, Bad puns aside this song starts off pretty cool sounds kinda like well a Megadeth song and not some modern hard rock song being done by Megadeth. Anyway this song is one of the better songs from this album the riffs here are very good and Megadeth like and overall this song is great.
Rating 10/10

Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy Cover)

You know something after all these years the one thing Megadeth wasn't good at which was making cover songs finally makes a great cover but it's ironic since this is their 2nd worst album and just now they started to make good covers. But anyway this song is actually the best of the album and it's sad since it's a cover and is a great way to end the album.
Rating 10/10

All I Want (Bonus Track)

Ok now we are on the bonus tracks from this album why well because i listen to every Megadeth album before this with bonus tracks so why not keep doing it here, anyway this song is more of the same ok but not greatness from this album and overall is not the best of the album but not the worst track either.
Rating 7/10

A House Divided (Bonus Track)

Now this bonus track is a different story from the previous one this one is actually one of the best songs from this album. Yup a bonus track is one of the best songs from it while not the best song it's still much better than most of the songs from this album.
Rating 9/10

And now that we went through the whole album time to add up the scores

10(x3) + 9(x2) + 8 + 7(x3) + 6(x2) +5(x2) = 99 - 30 = 69

Rating 69/100

While this album is not as bad as Risk was it's still a big disappointment because fans who loved Endgame expected another good thrash album but what they got instead was a another cash in from Megadeth to try and appeal to more audiences by switching to a more hard rock sound. Overall out of all the albums from this series this so far is the least worse of all of them but its still not very good but it isn't the worst album of this year that would be Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones by Black Veil Brides and that is the next review so thank you for reading this post and have a nice day and hope the large hadron collider doesn't destroy the world just kidding but still have good day.


I like the instrumental in Cold Sweat, but... wait I just noticed lyrics besides the ones about sweat going down the narrator's neck. You know what good song now.

Good job on the post, I look forward to the next one. - Skullkid755