Best Songs From Megadeth's The System Has Failed

The System Has Failed is the tenth studio album released by American heavy metal band Megadeth. It was the first studio release since the band's dissolution in 2002 and subsequent reformation two years later, as well as the first without founding bassist David Ellefson. The album remarkably features Chris Poland on lead guitar, who provided solos on a contractual basis and did not rejoin the band.

The Top Ten

1 The Scorpion
2 Blackmail the Universe

1.Blackmail the Universe
2.The Scorpion
3.Kick the Chair
4.Back in the Day
5.Die Dead Enough
6.Tears in a Vial
7.Truth Be Told
8.Of Mice and Men
9.I Know Jack
10.Something That I'm Not
11.My Kingdom
12.Shadow of Deth

1. Blackmail the Universe
2. Kick the Chair
3. Die Dead Enough
4. The Scorpion
5. Of Mice and Men
6. Back in the Day
7. Tears in a Vial
8. Something That I'm Not
9. Truth Be Told
10. My Kingdom
11. Shadow of Deth
12. I Know Jack - Derrick_Fox

3 Kick the Chair

What a return to thrash by megadeth with this lightning fast paced song and such a complex solo. Song almost sounds like it's off Peace Sells with it's pure speed and heaviness.

One of Megadeth's Best Song

Underrated Megadeth song

4 Back in the Day

My first Megadeth song and a one that's stuck with me ever since.

5 Die Dead Enough
6 Of Mice and Men
7 Shadow of Deth
8 Tears in a Vial
9 Something that I'm Not
10 I Know Jack

The Contenders

11 Truth Be Told
12 My Kingdom
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