Best Songs From Megadeth's Youthanasia

Youthanasia is the sixth studio album by American heavy metal band Megadeth, released on November 1, 1994. A remixed and remastered version, featuring several bonus tracks, was released in 2004.

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1 A Tout Le Monde

Such a touching and emotional song. Vocals, solo and everything just fit in so well to create one of the greatest songs.

Great, but worse than demo version. Demo's solo is one of the best and most epic ever... in final version, it isn't.

No surprise this is top 1. It's a personal favorite (not just from Megadeth), but from all songs together iv ever heard. The embracing sound, the lyrics, the feel of it... Its simply amazing

1.A Tout Le Monde
2.Addicted to Chaos
3.Reckoning Day
4.Train of Consequences
7.The Killing Road
8.Family Tree
9.Black Curtains
10.Blood of Heroes
11. I Thought I Knew It All
12.Elysian Fields

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2 Addicted to Chaos

I'm addicted... Addicted to chaos! This songs got everything! Great riffs solos and catchy tune

Absolutely great song! Sure, A tout le monde is better but this one is in the right place 2nd

This is one of the greatest songs of all time, definitely the best on the album.

Also addicted to this song

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3 Train of Consequences

Gotta be the best

This and A Tout Le Monde are the best songs in this album

Just as good as their earlier material. - gemcloben

4 Youthanasia

The song perfectly goes with the album cover. The chorus in this song is so powerful, easily the best on the album.

Listen to the riff before the solos ... and the solos

The heaviest song on the album, and easily the best.

5 Reckoning Day

Reckoning day is excellent should be number 3!

Killer intro. Awesome overall

6 Victory

The solo and the verses are AMAZING! Listening to all of the quotes he makes to past songs from Megadeth is really nostalgic and cool! Great song

1. Victory
2. A Tout Le Monde
3. Train of Consequences
4. The Killing Road
5. Addicted to Chaos
6. Reckoning Day
7. Youthanasia
8. Family Tree
9. I Thought I Knew it All
10. Elysian Fields
11. Blood of Heroes
12. Black Curtains

Such underrated. Awesome vocals and energy just like Rust in Peace. And the solo of course. By the way, my list would be dramatically different than current top ten...
1. A Tout le Monde (no discussion)
2. Victory
3. Train of Consequences
4. Blood of Heroes
5. Elysian Fields
6. Reckoning Day
7. The Killing Road
8. Addicted to Chaos
9. Family Tree
10. I Thought I Knew It All
11. Black Curtains
12. Youthanasia

7 The Killing Road

Wow you people are not very smart. A tout le monde is not that good compared to this kickass song.

My 2nd favorite song on this album behind A Tout Le Monde. So awesome!

8 Elysian Fields

My favorite Megadeth song of all-time (writing this a week after Dystopia was released).

9 I Thought I Knew It All

Amazing chorus and the outro from it in the end is amazing

10 Blood of Heroes

Great beginning & riff, Great Dave's vocals... I'm not joking, it's true.

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11 Family Tree

Best of album

Such an under appreciated song. Some of Marty Friedmans best work is in this.

12 Black Curtains

This song has an excellent groove just like "Captive Honor"! Underrated work.

Underrated and heavy... I like that

13 Absolution
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1. Addicted to Chaos
2. A Tout Le Monde
3. Reckoning Day
1. A Tout Le Monde
2. Train of Consequences
3. Youthanasia
1. Addicted to Chaos
2. A Tout Le Monde
3. Train of Consequences

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