Best Songs on Metallica's Beyond Magnetic


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1 Rebel of Babylon

Should have been included on the album. It has a wonderfully eerie quality. Love it!

Such a good song!

Rebel of Babylon the worst on the track? Lolwut? This is the exact oppisite of my opininion.

2 Hell and Back

Their best song in my opinion

Tjis song rocks but its better than hate train but not just a bullet away this has good guitar playing it made up to the terrible songs on lulu you they messed up peforming with lou reed the veiw is alright but the rest suck

3 Hate Train

Extremely heavy, and has many parts to love about. I'm suprised this was never on the album.

This is just amazing, I would love for 'tallica to make some more songs like this it's like a blast from the past

4 Just a Bullet Away

An amazing song which was written as a tribute to Layne Stayley, the lead singer of Alice in Chains who died in 2002. RIP Layne - Songsta41

That Rifff so sick!

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