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1 Until It Sleeps

This song is the best Metallica song! So meaningful and beautiful lyrics! They should play it live again!

Definitely an amazing song to listen to. This song is probably my favorite song on this album. I love everything about this song! Please vote!

I think is the best song of the album and if you see the video you will think like I think

Very deep and touching lyrics. It's musically pleasing too. The house jack built has great lyrics if you think about how James was fighting with his drinking problem and jack being jack Daniels. Its really touching. King nothing has a pretty good groove to it as well. But that's all just my opinion.

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2 King Nothing

What? This song should be number one! Best song of this album by far! Such an awesome swing to it!

The bass in the start, as well as the incredible chorus!

I prefer it over Until it Sleeps but love both.


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3 Bleeding Me

I LOVE THIS SONG. James' singing is epic here.
I love the heavy part in this. I love the return to the slowly part. I love this song. I love this album. I love this band.

Bleeding Me is my favorite song off of this album! A true masterpiece! In my opinion, this has one of Kirk's best solos. Everything about this song is so awesome. I love this song, the album, and the band! Metallica forever! M/ - johnpaularguelles

Really awesome song! This is in my top 10 best Metallica songs (my opinion). This and Outlaw Torn are the best songs on Load.

1. Bleeding
2. Sleeps
3. Outlaw
4. King
5. Bitch
6. Hero
7. Mama
8. 2x4
9. Jack
10. Hate
11. Ronnie
12. Twisted
13. Thorn
14. Cure

🤘 - BekoT.

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4 The Outlaw Torn

Killer song. Maybe be slow but best on load and just one of the best songs overrate. Lyrics are super touching and amazing. James' voice is excellent in the chorus. Just a masterpiece in everyway. Hero of the day and king nothing ae are the other best ones, but this song, WOWZERS

This and bleeding me should be at the top

Best song in the album

This is the best Metallica song. -CostcoHotDogs (I do that in case I’m logged out by accident)

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5 Hero of the Day

This song is pretty good! And I like the music video for this song as well. Most people don't really care for this song, but I like it. - johnpaularguelles

There off to find the Hero of the Day! But what if they should fall by someone's wicked way! I love this awesome song off Load! This is their most underrated song!

I love it so much! It's the most played song on my iPod! And I love the video too

Even Kirk Hammett says this is his favourite guitar solo. - Mumbizz01

6 Ain't My B*tch

Reminds me more of a song from Metallica albums released before Load. The song has a great intro and a memorable chorus. One of my favorites off of Load and should definitely be a bit higher on the list.

There's multiple riffs in this song that I love, and it is indeed catchy. The solo is awful though. This is actually my all time favorite Metallica song. All I want is a good riff and for it be singable, and that's all that this song is.

Only song from Load what actually do like. Only song from this album where James' had that amazing harsh sound on his voice for most of the song. Very underrated song.

I'm surprised to see this song at 6th place. It is one of my favorites on this album. In my opinion, it should be in the top 3.

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7 Mama Said

Very underrated! Deserves a place in the top 10!

Despite I love the thrash/speed kind of Metallica, this song is beautiful, especially (or maybe only) for the lyrics.

I hate the music playing of this song (Metallica and country together is a bad thing), but the lyrics has something special, and I can't say that this song is horrible..

Beautiful n touching

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8 2 x 4

2 X 4 should be higher. I think it should be in the top 5! I really love the solo in the song. How is this not higher? It's an awesome song! It's one of the best songs on the Load album in my opinion. 2 X 4 should definitely be higher than 12th place! Please vote for this song.

This song is so awesome! I really love the solo to this one. I also love the way that this song starts off with the drums. Should be higher than number 10.

My 3rd favorite song on this album after King Nothing and Until It Sleeps.

9 The House Jack Built

Best Metallica song on load you how is this song not higher on the list jesus christ man this is amazing

This song is probably the trippiest one on the album and I absolutely LOVE it!

This my my favourite song off load and it has the best solo effects and lyrics! A true Metallipiece! - dragon13304

Very underrated, reminds me of AiC. - IronSabbathPriest

10 Thorn Within

Even though it has a short solo, it's still an awesome one! The whole song is really cool! One of my favorites from Load.

Definitely my favorite song on Load, behind Until It Sleeps. SO AWESOME!

This is my personal favorite on the album. Should be at least in top 3.

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11 Poor Twisted Me

Pretty good song, I have to say. The whole album is great! The Loads are in my opinion the most UNDERRATED Metallica albums. Anyways, this song is very good.

I'm not saying it should be at the top, but at least bring it up a little. It shouldn't be 12th place!

This song has an amazing groove to it! One of the best from the Load album. Probably the grooviest song on this album. My 2nd favorite song off of this album!

I really thought nobody likes this song. I was wrong, thankfully. This song helped me in my depression, it has special place in me.

12 Wasting My Hate

Come on guys this is probably the heaviest song on load, catchy riff right through the song.. Despite not having a solo it is still a masterpiece

Dafuq? Mama Said higher than Hate? Mama Said is the second worst song Metallica's ever created, and Hate has one of the best Metallica riffs of all time!

13 Cure

It's the worst song of Metallica (if we exclude St anger's songs).

Until it sleeps 1 that's bullcrap I don't even like that song and the music is retarded this song deserves no 8

14 Ronnie

This song has a really good beat and deserves better than 13th! Love this so much.

Awesome riff, and it also has a desert/western vibe to it.

Amazing song

Metallica goes ZZ Top with this song. - CantFigureAUsername

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