Best Songs On Mike Posner's 31 Minutes to Takeoff

The Top Ten

1 Cooler Than Me
2 Please Don't Go

I Hope SHINee Win
Please Keep Voting Tor Them, Thank you ^^

They are SHINee and they come from the K-Pop. We want to show you the fantastic singers that they are. We cannot undersand the language but you can find the words on the Net so, you can understand what kind of beutiful words they use... Ah... One more thing... They dance when they sing, the don't stay stand during the show! They are energic! Fighting Shining SHINee! (From Italy! ^^)

3 Cheated
4 Gone In September
5 Bow Chicka Wow Wow
6 31 Minutes to Takeoff
7 Save Your Goodbye
8 Do U Wanna?
9 Synthesizer
10 Delta 1406
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