Best Songs from Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

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1 Love Story - Taylor Swift

It's a love story
Baby just say "Yes"

This song is AWESOME I just listened to this song today on the radio. ( I sang along to it when no one was watching. Ssshh Don't tell anyone)

Love it taylor rocks - any1babe

It's always a good choice to vote for Love Story: even if it's already ALWAYS at the top. It is captivating and heart touching. I feel like crying. If you ever approach the music video by vevo on YouTube, guys, watch it. It's better than a movie and I prepare tissue every time to catch my falling tears. Even only the soundtrack is enough to feel like BURSTING when it goes "Marry me, Juliet! You never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know."

OKAY. WHY ARE ALL OF THE SONGS ON THIS LIST NOT BY TAYLOR SWIFT? SHE'S AMAZING! HER MUSIC IS BEAUTIFUL! Okay this is supposed to be about the song. It's catchy and has a great message and it's awesome. Definitely deserves to be number one on this list, which it is! You go, taylor!

2 Stay - Miley Cyrus

LOVE This song! Its really beautiful. Ilike to listen it for even 100times - mohit100

Love this song so much! It's so pleasing to hear... Very melodious...

Lyrics are out of this world..!...

Just listen it. One of her creative and breath taking song. I can't stop listening it. It should be number 1. Check out the lyrics. Everyone gonna love it.

3 A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez

This is the most beautiful song I love this song please vote for it I love selena gomez nabeel

Truth feeling inside this song. Lyrics of this songs and the voice of the Selena, good combination. Love the song.

I can really RELATE the music esp. Into my beloved someone.

NO ONE can beat this beauty queen, if I had to choose between winning the lottery or hanging out with Selena, I would pick Selena.

4 You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift

I love the country elements in this song. Taylor's voice sounds so beautiful in it and the story behind this song is just so cute.

Forget the song for a sec, (not that its possible but try) is it just me or is the video to die for in terms of cuteness

This is a really good song and I think she did a really good job writing and singing this song and I really like how it sound sand she has a really good voice and she is really pretty.

It's amazing and shows a story where the needy girl falls for her jock best friend, but he already has a girl friend and this song is basically her telling the guy why he should be with HER.
And this song is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

5 White Horse - Taylor Swift

This song is amazing. Much better than Miley Cyrus, and Selena who is only singing because of Disney. White Horse is truly magical.

I'm sure it z d best - any1babe

Oh! I just love taylor and selena. I love white horse also. I used to listen it and sing it everyday. The story is so sad and true. So many people have to go through the same situation.

I hate this song with that I hate cleaning up dog poop it's garbage what do you mean struggling even to figure out black horse really that's the name of it great can't you just call it's just trash put in the trash right now albumBarbie wallpaper this song one more time I hate White Horse Taylor Swift you're a great singer but I just don't like it I'm sorry for care shop Laurathis comment is from Laura Carson

6 I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift

Best song I have ever listen to. Come on I can't believe there's somebody who don't like this song. Taylor sings much better than Miley or Selena didn't you get this? Even though I like Selena too but do you really think her sings are better? There's so much I could say about this song but it would take a very log time cause it's so awesome... "and the saddest fear comes creeping out that you never loved me... Or her or anyone or anything"

I love this song and I love taylor she is my idol you told us to be fearless, you told us to speak now so thank you taylor swift don't give up on your music (i like you and harry styles apart but together not a good combo) laugh out loud

This song is amazing. Taylor really branched out. This is probably the best song from her new album, RED. All heartbroken gals can relate to it. Love this song.

One of my favorite songs by Taylor. I Knew my former best friend was trouble when she first came. Now we're bitter enemies. But it was her fault.

7 Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez

I love this song... Such a nice song... The only thing I dislike abt her is she broke up with justin... Hmm... They were made for each other... And I am a belieber.. Forever...

Love this song one day I'm going to be a singer, an actress, and dancer I know many people say this but I really want to be those things you're the best

In the beginning it's so mysterious and then it sort of blooms out. I love this song.

Its really a good song I too much like this song selena you are amazing

8 The Climb - Miley Cyrus

How is this 5? It should be number 1. Stay by Miley Cyrus is a wonderful song but this one is better. The lyrics are amazing and her voice is beautiful in this. Plus this song is back when she was innocent

This reflects to each and one of our life. Yes every one make mistakes, so we should learn them. Miley's Cyrus is making a huge change, huge mistakes or what ever you want to call them. We will stay strong as she stays strong

Whenever I listen to this song, I remember all the adventures in my life and how I face them

Miley is always been the best, I LOVE YOU AND I WILL LOVE YOU

It is the best I like listen to it every day. And it is the most greatest song ever.

9 Naturally - Selena Gomez

I love Selena Gomez! I am dieing to meet her.she is a great role model.awesome music. Awesome songs.Awesome everything with her.i was at her concert on October 18th 2013 suite six in Philadelphia.

Awesome! Awesome song I've ever heard! = Best website too

I hate Selena Gomez. She uses people who love her. Like her band. She dropped them after she was famous enough. This song is weird and annoying. Like Selena.

Naturally is my favorite song because it is really nice

10 When I Look at You - Miley Cyrus

This song makes you feel comfortable. I remember the time when I first heard this song, I was so desperate to know the lyrics. Love you miley.

Miley you are a talented singer and actress but I don't like your hair style specially now

Who says? Haters.

Miley you are such a beautiful and emotional singer I love you always.I wanna to say that you looks great in long hairs

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11 Who Says - Selena Gomez

This is inspiring. When I listen to this song, I feel like I could climb mountains. Thank you Selena!

This makes me fell beautiful and shows that being beautiful as a girl isn't about having a ton of makeup on your face only.. ! But also the personality you own.. !

She didn't write it. Look it up online. So stop praising her for it. Praise Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.

This song always saves me from sudden bursting out of not being pretty enough.

12 Mine - Taylor Swift

This song is amazing taylor swift is the best singer in history I love his song it sends joy and happy ness to your ears. The movie goes really well with the song I love you taylor

This song is so beautiful... Please listen to it and vote for it!

Relatable too.

This is sooo much better than all the others! '!

13 Adore You - Miley Cyrus

I absolutely adore with this song. Her voice made this song even better. And the video! Oh my! She was so beautiful and adorable

I really obsessed with the lyrics also it is simply adorable.

When you say I love that song know I love it

When miley say you say you love me know I love you more I love this line and I like this song

Beautiful songs.. Love it.

14 Who Owns My Heart - Miley Cyrus

I love you miley specially your pink lips

I love this song and I love miley too much

Miley you are a rock girl I love you

No one. Get it?

15 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

One of my favorites

I love this song to much and I don't like miley cyrus I like and I love hannah montana always

I love this song you are so smart miley now

Its really a good song I too much like this song from bangerz

16 Outlaw - Selena Gomez

I hate you Selena. She can't sing live.

My favorite you are sel - any1babe

She is absolutely talented...i love her

This is an awesome song!

17 Round & Round - Selena Gomez

This is my favorite song by her it has a great beat

I hate her. She's ugly, stupid, and Demi Lovato deserves better.

But When She Eats,She Looks A Dog Or COW

I like ratts though

18 Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift

Tear drops on my uke

Totally deserves to be on the top of this list. It is 'THE' best song
Ever done by Taylor.

Top 10 at least!


19 Come & Get It - Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift make good music and songs they should sing a duet together

Come and get it is amazing I promise this is perfect and I love selena and I love her voice and act

Best song in the whole list!

Best song by Selena Gomez

20 Slow Down - Selena Gomez

Don't do that probally your just jealous. I like all these singers and I love their songs. Selena may use an autotune or something but he still sings. We must respect all the artist work. It's like we can do better. All we can do is just comment on singers that's all. If you are brave to hate an artist prepare to sing yourself. It's like we can do better?

On of the best songs by Selena!

This is a good song

I think like Selena Gomez have every song and I sure do want to be a singer because of her that this was a one of your better songs I really do like it though and you're so beautiful and you're a great singer I love this song but I really want to become a singer like youfrom EmilyCollins

21 Don't Walk Away - Miley Cyrus
22 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Love the song and lyrics but not the video..anyway I miss my old miley cyrus...miss my hannah montana...

Miley, you rock...
I love your beautiful blue eyes (I'm kind of jealous)
And your voice is beyond amazing..
Lastly, I like how you don't put on "airs" and are not afraid to do things on your own path, if we all could be so brave.. Love you!

I like this song but I don't like this video I forget my old miley my hannah montana I am too sad now about miley

The wrecking ball makes the heart - onlyway

23 Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift

So good it been make to hunger games good movie good song

Best best best song ever...

24 Red - Taylor Swift

Cause loving him was red... This line stole my heart...

This needs to be number 1! X

25 Ghost of You - Selena Gomez

Well, I like this song because it's very meaningful. Selena doesn't try to get out of her range, and she sounds beautiful in it. There's even a live performance where she sang it well and with control. Honestly, don't you people have something better to do than sprout things about her that aren't true?

Dear Selena Gomez,
I hate you. Please shut up forever you butthead.

Um, selena isn't stuck up. She actually has a nice personality, unlike Ariana Grande, who you bitches seem to worship.

Selena Gomez is horrifying, annoying, bitchy, stuck up, can't sing live, dumb, babyish, stupid, and a horrible person.

26 Enchanted - Taylor Swift

Should be top ten amazing voice and lyrics same goes for haunted

Best song ever... should be number 1

27 Rock God - Selena Gomez

Is like you can sing better because I love rock god it's fun and catchy. I miss a year without rain album. And her relationship with Nick Jonas.

Awesome song - nothing like anything else on this list- a MUST LISTEN

Lol. Selena Gomez sucks, she has never done rock n roll, and she is no god.

She is a messed up bitch.

28 Live Like There's No Tomorrow - Selena Gomez

My cousin said this:��"� her somebody! I agree.

29 22 - Taylor Swift

This song not like all other taylor swift breakup songs, it's like liking someone that doesn't even know you but you know about I'm and you're enjoying it!

I love this song! It's my favourite Taylor Swift song and definitely best on this list

This song reminds people to be free every once and a while.

I was Taylor for Halloween I had a short that said not a lot going on at the moment, black shorts, black ankle,bracelets, a black hat, red heart sunglasses, and red lipstick


30 Stay Beautiful - Taylor Swift

Its about true love and makes me feel happy whenever I hear it.

31 I Promise You - Selena Gomez

Dear Selena: I promise you I'll always hate you.👎

32 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

My favorite song

33 Middle of Nowhere - Selena Gomez

Very powerful exciting song.
Makes you feel better, dance to it.
Listening to it now while I'm typing - tee hee.
It's really good listen to it!
You have to it's just so awesome k get it?

It would be great if she got lost in the middle of nowhere and died there. Then we wouldn't have to put up with her anymore.


34 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

Best breakup song ever by Taylor Swift!

Guess who won an award for best breakup song!

This song deserves to be at the TOP TEN.

35 Breathe - Taylor Swift
36 The Lucky One - Taylor Swift

It's amazing because it describes the hard life of celebrities

37 Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift

I like the speak now album it's the best Taylor Swift album yet. Not only because she is beautiful, she is clever and writes her own songs. Like Selena and Miley they're all the best.

Grt song. Must listen to it.

38 Mean - Taylor Swift

One of her few songs with a social message. This is the second strongest next to fifteen plus it's well-written

Best song ever

39 Good for You - Selena Gomez

Selena your vocals are too good in this song I love you I am a great fan of you

40 The Best Day - Taylor Swift

It reminds me of the old Taylor who loves country. She represent this song to her mother and it reminds me of my own mother too.

I love this song because it goes through her childhood

Her kid pics are so cute

41 Hit the Lights - Selena Gomez

Rude. I hate Selena Gomez haters. Imagine you haters be a singer and someone hate your songs you'll be mad and sad. Just like Selena and the other haters. Watch what you all are saying and keep your mouth safe.

I hope she's in a room and someone hits the lights, and she trips and falls and people laugh at her and torture her like she tortures me.

I hope she's in a room and someone hits the lights, and she trips and falls and starts crying, and people laugh at her and step on her.

I love this song it feels like I'm free my favorite song you haters have stupid taste buds she is my favorite song writer she is the best you suckers ill be her safty person if I had to even if I leave my family even if I'm 8 and my name is dina ptalis and live in boca raton flordia

42 Stars Dance - Selena Gomez

Stupid title. A stupid person.

It's an awesome title probally you never even heard the song cause it's fun. If you make a song and if others say your title is stupid what will you feel? Probally sad not hating just advicing. Never give up Selena ignore your haters.

43 Off the Chain - Selena Gomez

It's like you can do better. She's an actress, singer and a great friend. She is friends with many people. Imagine if your a celebrity and people hate you what will you feel?

44 Fearless - Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift and her album Fearless.

Love this song.

45 7 Things - Miley Cyrus

The 7 things I hate about you
Your vain, your games, your insecure
You love me you like her
You make me laugh you make me cry
I don't know which side to buy
Your friends they're jerks
When you act like them doesn't know it hurts
And the 7 thing I hate the most that you do
You make me love you
I miss the old Miley and this is the best song yet.

46 I Got U - Selena Gomez

I got a favor for you haters stop teasing Selena Gomez. It's like you can do better.

Selena, do me a favor and shut up.

47 Spotlight - Miley Cyrus


48 Party in the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus

I love this song and others on this list, but I was just looking for this song!

Its awesome but the video is junk

Awesome song
You must watch this video!

Such a great song of you Miley I like it but I don't like your haircut yet 23 SEP 2016

49 Sick of You - Selena Gomez

I'm sick of you haters. It's like you could do better. Be a singer and find out.

No one can hate this song

I'm sick of you Selena.

50 More - Selena Gomez

More lovers and fans of Selena and less haters. Please haters shut up your mouth.

More Demi Lovato, less Selena Gomez!

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