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21 Don't Walk Away - Miley Cyrus
22 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Love the song and lyrics but not the video..anyway I miss my old miley cyrus...miss my hannah montana...

Miley, you rock...
I love your beautiful blue eyes (I'm kind of jealous)
And your voice is beyond amazing..
Lastly, I like how you don't put on "airs" and are not afraid to do things on your own path, if we all could be so brave.. Love you!

I like this song but I don't like this video I forget my old miley my hannah montana I am too sad now about miley

Love this song but the video ruined everything ):

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23 Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift

So good it been make to hunger games good movie good song

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24 Red - Taylor Swift

Cause loving him was red... This line stole my heart...

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25 Ghost of You - Selena Gomez

Well, I like this song because it's very meaningful. Selena doesn't try to get out of her range, and she sounds beautiful in it. There's even a live performance where she sang it well and with control. Honestly, don't you people have something better to do than sprout things about her that aren't true?

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26 Enchanted - Taylor Swift

Should be top ten amazing voice and lyrics same goes for haunted

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27 Rock God - Selena Gomez

Is like you can sing better because I love rock god it's fun and catchy. I miss a year without rain album. And her relationship with Nick Jonas.

Awesome song - nothing like anything else on this list- a MUST LISTEN

Lol. Selena Gomez sucks, she has never done rock n roll, and she is no god.

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28 Live Like There's No Tomorrow - Selena Gomez

My cousin said this:��"� her somebody! I agree.

29 Stay Beautiful - Taylor Swift

Its about true love and makes me feel happy whenever I hear it.

30 I Promise You - Selena Gomez

Dear Selena: I promise you I'll always hate you.👎

Miley Cyrus is no doubt number 1 on this list. She deserves that spot now and forever. She used to be a good girl, her songs were inspirational and her show was funny. I will admit to being a fan when I was younger. She was a good person to look up to. She was conservative, she had manners, and she stayed out of trouble unlike so many girls in Hollywood that go bad and off the deep end. She made me want to grow up and be a singer, and an actress, and a positive influence to other girls. Then, something strange happened. She cut all of her hair off, to symbolize being free. Not so bad, she just wanted a change. What happened next though, she started dressing like trash. I don't mean that in a mean way, I mean she had boobs and butt and everything straight up showing with sometimes covering nothing but her nipples and portion of the crotch. She started trying to act like something that she's not, when we all know this came out of nowhere. Now, she's doing every drug known to man, ...more

31 22 - Taylor Swift

This song not like all other taylor swift breakup songs, it's like liking someone that doesn't even know you but you know about I'm and you're enjoying it!

I love this song! It's my favourite Taylor Swift song and definitely best on this list

I love this song, PS Taylor sort of dominates in this situation.

32 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

My favorite song

33 Middle of Nowhere - Selena Gomez

Very powerful exciting song.
Makes you feel better, dance to it.
Listening to it now while I'm typing - tee hee.
It's really good listen to it!
You have to it's just so awesome k get it?

It would be great if she got lost in the middle of nowhere and died there. Then we wouldn't have to put up with her anymore.

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34 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

Best breakup song ever by Taylor Swift!

Guess who won an award for best breakup song!

This song deserves to be at the TOP TEN.

35 Breathe - Taylor Swift
36 The Lucky One - Taylor Swift

It's amazing because it describes the hard life of celebrities

37 Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift

I like the speak now album it's the best Taylor Swift album yet. Not only because she is beautiful, she is clever and writes her own songs. Like Selena and Miley they're all the best.

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38 Mean - Taylor Swift

One of her few songs with a social message. This is the second strongest next to fifteen plus it's well-written

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39 The Best Day - Taylor Swift

It reminds me of the old Taylor who loves country. She represent this song to her mother and it reminds me of my own mother too.

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40 Hit the Lights - Selena Gomez

Rude. I hate Selena Gomez haters. Imagine you haters be a singer and someone hate your songs you'll be mad and sad. Just like Selena and the other haters. Watch what you all are saying and keep your mouth safe.

I hope she's in a room and someone hits the lights, and she trips and falls and people laugh at her and torture her like she tortures me.

I hope she's in a room and someone hits the lights, and she trips and falls and starts crying, and people laugh at her and step on her.

I love this song it feels like I'm free my favorite song you haters have stupid taste buds she is my favorite song writer she is the best you suckers ill be her safty person if I had to even if I leave my family even if I'm 8 and my name is dina ptalis and live in boca raton flordia

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